Monday, August 31, 2009


We had a successful trip this past weekend, nobody hurt, but we did have a de-panting at the German bar, no arrests, but one speeding ticket, one capsize - one rescue, but to really measure success you have to look to those that participated.
The glare of the beer glass hides the face of the person who lost their pants to protect. We wouldn't want anyone to know that "JIM" lost his pants in a Bar!!
Paddle once eat twice and a whole lot of laughs goes to this year's players: Kathy, Laurel, Lois, Sandy, Boo, Vern, Tom, Jim, Chris, Skylar, "Koa" my pup and me!! Honorable mention goes to Debbie ( The Firewood Fairy) who dropped off a load of wood and had sense enough to tarp it with the thunderstorms coming in!! Three cheers for the group!

We actually did get some paddling in even with all the shenanigans. Here is a shot of Skylar in his newly acquired play-boat. He did great until the winds got the better of him. I set up a tow but capsized him in the process as his kayak rounded up in the wind and dumped him.
My bad.

Boo and I took the Cruiser. We were the gear boat taking lunch sacks dry bags and such. We also took Skylar after he dumped and towed his kayak. Ah the benefits of paddling a cruiser, plenty of room.
I'll post more and share pics over the next few days about our trip. Enjoy!
The Capt'n

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Three days with the Capt'n

The Capt'n and "M"

It can't be all bad spending three days camping and paddling the the lake country area with the Capt'n.

I'm leading a MCP trip this weekend, hub camping at the Conservation Club located on the Rock River. Beautiful location. Looks Like we have about 15 people attending.

Looks like we are going to take the Kruger Cruiser. A bit of an over kill for this paddle, but quite a few people have asked about it, so we'll bring it along and let people try it out if they like.

"M" is not attending as she has a football game to cover. She does photography for Shorewood High School newspaper - Boo is coming and so is "Koa"

Weather Outlook:

Friday: Cocktails and dreams. Paddle by the light of the stars.

Saturday: Clouds giving way to sun . Highs in the upper 60s and lows in the upper 40s.

Sunday: Mix of sun and clouds. Highs in the mid 60s and lows in the mid 40s.

Not bad - Let's ........ paddle. - The Capt'n

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Capt'n K-dog Adventure

Apple Baraboo Bear Black Bois Brule Brule Chippewa Flambeau
Fox Grant Kickapoo La Crosse Lemonweir Little Fox Lower Wisconsin Lower Wolf
Manitowish Menominee Milwaukee Mississippi Montreal Namekagon Oconto Pecatonica
Peshtigo Pine (NE WI) Pine (SW WI) Platte Popple Red Cedar Rock Sheboygan
St. Croix Sugar Tomahawk Turtle Upper Wisconsin Waupaca Wolf Yahara Yellow
Time to put the thinking cap on for a Labor Day Weekend paddle. Taking Friday off, so 4 days to put paddle to water.
I did a quick search of the rivers of Wisconsin, to get my brain moving, weighed in travel time to and fro. I think I am going to put in above the dam in the Wisconsin Dells and paddle up the Wisconsin river for two days and do an up and back route.
I haven't paddled this section so it will be new and it really is pretty close so not a bunch of hours wasted in a car... though a road trip does sound inviting.
Which means on Thursday after work I can be on the road and up to the Dells and camp. Put in first light on Friday, paddle paddle paddle and see where it takes me. The turn around Sunday morning paddle paddle paddle back... put me back to the world at a reasonable tome to drive home.
Could be my last paddle of the fall season with surgery pending.
It'll be a Capt'n K-dog Adventure... stay tuned, I may set up SPOT to track my route.
How bad could the weather be? - The Capt'n

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Good day... matie...

Koa and I paddled the morning glass, out early skirting the shoreline. Balmy morning, lots of humidity, sort of felt like summer. The Sea Wind felt like a sprint car after paddling the Cruiser these past days.

Sunrise is getting later and later, kids are getting ready to go back to school. Where have the days gone? It's already the 25th of August!! While just yesterday it was the 24th!!

Good Day Sunshine!! - The Capt'n

Monday, August 24, 2009

Paradise at your back door

Another day in Paradise; temps drop fall is in the air, nothing like spending the day by the water. We started out by making freshly baked cinnamon rolls, then off to the park for some fetch.

The orange ring is Koa's favorite toy in the the whole world. Thank goodness the squeaky thing fell out, cause as a car toy in heavy traffic, it can drive you bonkers.

Action shot after throw number, 1, 200, 400,256, she never tires. I think I threw my arm out; thank goodness Marissa was there to toss a few.

Well we're 30 days out from Marissa's 13th birthday and it has already started, teen shyness. What's a father to do...

...Catch her when she is not looking!!
Took the cruiser out this weekend, duffed around Rock lake, scrubbed out the inside removed decals and added some.
Next adventure is the three day paddle with the Capt'n; a MCP sanctioned event. Then the Labor Day Weekend... hmmm, maybe a paddle on the Wisconsin River is in order. At this point it's a mystery...
Ah what secret pleasures do long weekends on the water bring to the Captain of the O Dark 30.

Paddle on - The Capt'n

Friday, August 21, 2009

Coffee Dogs... blue barrel adventure

More craziness on the Missouri River. Here Coffee Dogs start their blue barrel adventure during the Missouri 340 canoe kayak race. Awesome!!

The last couple of years during the MR340, they brought their bikes with them and biked back to Kansas City towing their kayaks.... What a hoot!

We're talking $100.00 shine and $10.00 pair of shoes - Bill Murray

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Road Trip, U.S.A.

Nothing like an all American road trip, seeing the real U.S of A. Our adventures this summer took us past this very unique shop. Could have spent hours there.

We stopped at this very authentic Mexican restaurant, where they served salsa from a big mixer. How did they know salsa is king? Wish I had my original Beatles lunch box to take some home in.

Then there are the guitars. Plenty of them in all sorts of disarray. Mark picks up a steel guitar and picks his way through a sobering tune, my foot starts a tapp'n.

An American original, pics by number #1 daughter - The Capt'n

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Like kids on the water

Pretty excited to have my laptop up and running... I'm like a kid on the water!!

Here is a shot of Boo and Zoe coming out of the mill pond. Zoe is getting the hang of it. About three minutes of instruction, then go let them play. Over instruction can ruin the experience.

Boo has become very fond of the Sea Wind, now Zoe has claimed the Azul... thank goodness there are a couple solo boats still in the boat house. dang...

I think I've lost my ride - The Capt'n

Good news... in fact great news!

The Good in fact great news is for no reason what so ever, my laptop is working!! When I took it in to get it analysed, they said the mother board was fried. I was so bummed as I had not backed up any photos from it when it went down.

So I was fiddling around with it and when I booted it up I saw that the battery light was doing weird things. So I took the battery out, and walla... It works as long as it is plugged into the wall socket. Bingo!!! A golden moment!!

So like a kid in a candy store, I went through picture files and found these two. I remember this conversation well. Boo and I were at Flamingo during the WaterTribe Challenge. I was explaining the need to paddle like "Hell" into the 20 plus mph wind, that sailing would mean a lot of tacking back an forth.

A candid shot of Mark myself and Boo. Last day after the storm front passed over. High winds out of the north west. We are preparing to depart from a random key we paddled to in darkness.

RiverJohn took the photo, his Sea Wind in the fore front. Wishing you a speedy recovery River John!! Missed you at the MR 340.

Looking forward to paddling with you again! Sending positive energy your way!! All the best and take care!!

You meet the most incredible people out on the water... - The Capt'n

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Do you know where your child is...

Actually no, well sort of... she and a friend went out for a paddle, darkness ensued and then an uneasy feeling came over me.

I guess I shouldn't worry. When I was a lad, on the water by 7:00am and return before dark. Non-the-less!!!

Boo played it smart, as darkness came knocking she hugged the shoreline with Zoe and returned unscathed to the beach park. I guess my only real worry was that Lake Mills was having their annual beach bash and there tend to be a few weekend warriors out on the water after too many cocktails.

I got this sympathetic /pathetic look from Boo who I am sure was thinking. "Dad get a grip, it's Rock Lake, it's not like I don't know where I am or haven't paddled in the dark before"

Just another "Nervous Nellie" moment for - The Capt'n

Saturday, August 15, 2009

and they're off...

Boo and Zoe take to the water... Me, lawn work laundry and sorting of gear that has been sitting on the front porch since our return from the MR340... then more laundry; getting a bit of the Missouri out of the gear is a chore.

Summer is finally here, balmy weather light breezes out of the south. The kids head around Rock lake then off to Sandy Beach. hmmm? Screw the laundry, cleaning and sorting... the lawns finished...

The Capt'n says "Let's paddle!!"

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A quick check......

A quick check in with human resources to verify vacations day left for 2009, has left me short for participating in the Watertribe NC Challenge or the Kruger Canoe Ultimate Challenge 2009. This pesky work thing keeps getting in the way. But it does make you appreciate the days you do get off!!
I'll check in with Boo and see if she wants to head over and do the 100 mile Kruger Challenge on October 3rd. I need to check and see if the ferry stops running out of Manitowoc/Ludington.
Oh ya then there is the doctor's visit tomorrow for the double hernia which may throw a kayak paddle into the mix and mess everything up..... forgot about that sitting at my comfy desk.
Need to get my friend John out paddling... word on the river is the Paddlin shop is closing due to hard economic times... shuzbutt!!
Can ya feel it... that's the summer breeze blowing across your face on an early morning paddle - The Capt'n

Monday, August 10, 2009

slide show...paddle fast live slow...

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – Following Team Kruger

Incredible journey

The Missouri 340 has come to an end. Now the hours of cleaning and sorting gear and the reflection of what Mark is calling "The best event I have ever done"; A bold statement as Mark has hosted events and participated in so many others.

It truly was epic for me being a part of Team Kruger / RP Lumber - Race to Heal. Can you believe it; $11,000.00 and climbing for Susan G. Komen. This will be a story told for generations to come at family gatherings.

The end of the paddle, with 500 on lookers cheering the girls in as they "sprinted" to the finish, was the making of a mini drama on the Lifetime Network. - Teens Tame the Missouri - Working title.

The award ceremony where the crowd exploded into a loud roar of cheers as the girls took 3rd in the women's tandem division. 78 hours 18min - (the leader board is in-correct.) They received a standing ovation that lasted 5 minutes.

The team work, the laughs the tears the emotion as we picked off CP after CP and pushed forward. The Team Cheer "Keep it moving". Tom loosing a filling and a cap and Marissa loosing her last baby tooth added additional drama for the event. "What do you mean you just lost a tooth!! I said it panic. Then there is the double hernia I aggravated during the event. It's off to the doc for the Captain.

Then the camaraderie of the team on the water and on the shore. - We had it dialed in. No major mistakes.

Biggest challenge was keeping the girls eating and drinking. They had a tendency when things got tough to stop and go on guts and glory. Dad's badgering - Bad; Uncle Mark pleading - Good.

A dip of the paddle to the organizers!! What an outstanding experience for all - The Capt'n