Saturday, March 31, 2012

Packing it up...

"Pass a Grille 8th Avenue Heartache"
Music serenade

Marissa and I are heading on down to Pass a Grille on Friday; we are going to take our Kruger Cruiser sailing canoe and poke around the backwater coves and keys of this jewel of a destination.

Looks like we will miss all the UFC participants by one week; would have been really cool to see them come in. Here are some pics from last years adventure. Click Here

If you are in the area and want to paddle camp with an ocean view, we will be on Shell Key in the Pinellas Preserve.

Monday, March 12, 2012

We got water

Great day to get out on the water, high 60's and no breeze to speak of; I lost my third day pass to Canoecopia which ended up being a good thing, I would have missed this opportunity. Yesterday there was no open water to speak of.

Toes up, breaking in the deck for a season of barbecues at the Kappus's; at least the legs are tanner then the deck!

Warm weather really did it's magic on the ice; a stroll back down to the beach to take it all in, the water is as clear is it is going to get this next couple of weeks, amazing. More to come I am sure. ** I try to be the first out on the lake each season, I wasn't even close as I saw a kayaker and a couple of row boats tooling around; hard to believe it is only March.

The Capt'n

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Free Public Announcement

For the clueless - me and my compadries

SOS and SandyBottom

Dawn and Alan depart Key Largo on their 1200 mile UFC Odyssey - Photo by Paula

Fair winds to you....

The Capt'n

More madness

March Madness

UFC stage 1 finish Key Largo, Bay Cove Motel Waterfront -photo by Toby

No I am not talking basketball here; I am talking canoes kayaks and boats of all shapes and sizes; Waterborne sports, be it canoeing kayaking or sailing, they are a catalyst for adventure. The Ultimate Florida Challenge is in progress as well as Canoecopia; it's March Madness I tell you!

The Capt'n

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

1964 Dormobile Kombi Deluxe Model Micro Split Window Screen Bus 13 Window van

As a vagabond nomadic traveler, its hard for me not to get excited about this gem of a micro bus; now this is what I am talking about.
She's a classic, big shout out to Beverly for spotting this one on ebay; road trip!!

Watertribe 2012 - 4


A word from Chief as the EC and UF challenges put the competitors to the test. 19 have dropped or not started at all

"The CP2 deadlines are not being extended. This is because we have a brick wall deadline at Key Largo and if you can't make the deadline at CP2 it is going to be even harder to get to Flamingo and then Key Largo on time. There are alternate routes that can help you avoid open water and you are even somewhat protected from the wind. Take a hard look at your charts if you did not put alternate routes in your GPS. Easy for me to say - I know.

Consider too that the CP2 to CP3 leg is very remote and it is not as easy to drop out if you need to. If and when you get to CP2 you must do a hard core assessment of your abilities and conditions and decide if you really can make Flamingo. It is not prudent to call out the coast guard and put other lives at risk along with your own. There is honor in doing the right thing and no honor is lost when conditions are this bad for such an extended period. Look at the WaterTribe legends that have already had to drop. They didn't like it but they did the right thing.

All that being said, we will assess things on a case by case basis. Normally two missed deadlines is a strong indication that conditions are beyond your capabilities."

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Watertribe 2012 -1

As many of you know I lost internet for awhile; I could share with you the tale of how I've breached the grid, but then well I'd have to.... well you know.
More importantly I have Toby (whitecaps) taking the time to send me pictures, so the least I could do is try to get them posted on the blog. The CaptainOdark30 is back! ...sorta
Here is a shot of the Puddle Duck Racer (PDR); This one is tricked out with all sorts of interesting features; they are easily built and raced hard.
Toby sent me this picture of a fertility God on the 38' OC 6 he is paddling; Not sure what he is trying to tell me! A Menehune carries the spiritual power of Hawaii, Safe travels my friends!!
Here is a picture of SOS's latest build; partially complete they arrive at Fort Desoto to put necessary touches on; Not the finishing touches as it is a work in progress; sea trials have been minimal.
The interesting thing about this build are the self bailing amas (false transom); this will allow easy righting if capsized. I don't know all the details, but I think it is 24' long, 14' wide, main hull is 2o'' wide, 9" draft. Amas are set back to reduce pitch poling and I believe it carries over 200 sq. ft of sail.
Settle in my friends as the event unfolds in about an hour.
The Capt'n