Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Space Account

Got this great long sleeve tee from my sis over Christmas... the perfect my space account. You'll know where to find me.
The winter paddle is on. We have moved from the Manistee River to the Grand River in Michigan for easier access to the river. Though Michigan has seen a lot of rain as we have here in Wisconsin, scouting reports indicate a need to make some itinerary changes.
We'll be heading down the Grand and base camping at deer camp. This is a favorite spot of Verlen Kruger and the Smith's. I look forward to hearing the stories of adventures past and paddling this section of the river. I understand that SandyBottom and KiwiBird have made itinerary changes too. The weather in the Midwest can be precarious.
Registration opens for the MR340 the first of the year. If I am reading posts correctly, it looks like there may be up to 200 participants, 10 support boats and a whole lot of fun. The MR340 has grown into quite an event, from start to finish it is quite an experience.
To support Marissa and Hannah's initiative to raise awareness around a cure for breast cancer, we have made adjustments to PEAK Camp's programing. We will have no formal/organized trips planned in 2009, though we will be inviting anyone that wants to do long overnight paddling trips on the weekend to join us.
I've given the website a quick makeover for 2009, check it out if you get a chance. It is a work in progress with some fine tuning needed.
"It's all happening" - Katie Hudson (the movie Almost Famous)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Taking on the challenge

The girl's "race to heal" decals have arrived. This is an important piece to our campaign for finding a cure for Breast Cancer. It gives them some continuity and a connection to others finding their way to a cure through paddling.
Boo and I has been corresponding with a pair of OC1 paddlers out of Kailua, Hawaii. Both women are dedicated to raising awareness and finding a cure. You can follow their paddling and training at: Na Leo Hoe Wa'a Blog.
Jaimie and Jessie are a great inspiration. We thank them for their support and wish them well. Their race season starts in January and ends in May, it should be fun to follow along.
We are on track with finding sponsors and shoring up a paddling schedule for our girls. Our first event will be the Hugh Heward. This is going to be especially exciting as the Ultimate Hugh Heward will be in full swing.
I do know that the Ultimate Hugh Heward Challenge is free to participants... an expedition format, with a request for donations to the Verlen Kruger Memorial.
Now time for some back country skiing. We have 9 fresh inches of snow beckoning.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Am I really talking about the weather?

As the snow flies (horizontal I might add).... I dared the plow to make one more pass by my house... and the ****ard did it!

That's what you get when you break protocol and go straight to the triple-dog dare! There's always Monday's forcast with a high of -2F and a low of -6F

Is surrender an option? - The Capt'n

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Canoeing with Idiots

We hope to show those coming up from the South for the Manistee Paddle a better time then this... lots of video on YouTube if you put in the key words Winter Canoeing.

There is also an Alaskan Redneck video that has a half a dozen kids no helmets being towed by a snow mobile... the adult is the only one with the helmet. All in good fun, but put a helmet on those kids!!

Moronic. - The Capt'n

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lemon next to the pie

The lemon next to the pie or icing on the cake. No matter how you slice it, the snow is here to stay. A wintery wonderland in the Heartland.
Hours and hours of shoveling, cross training or stupidity - you be the judge! - The Capt'n

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Boo - Capt'n - Hannah - Wisconsin River 2006

Changing things up a bit, I've been bumped to the chase boat as Boo is teaming up with Hannah for the MR340 2009. For more on this developing story, check out Boo's Blog.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

ABC's - 123"s

John and I do quite a bit of bantering back and forth when it comes to paddling and life in general. As you can see by John's tips on winter paddling, he takes a shot at my inability to stay dry, his subtle approach and gentle jab does go noticed.

If we were keeping score or if we really cared, I think we'd be even up. Me making fun of his "Klepper yacht" design; John and acknowledgement of my lack of athleticism. If you find yourself dreaming of adventure or want to talk story head down to the Paddlin Shop.

Winter paddling tips:

John's tip #1:
Don't under any circumstances fall in the water? But if you insist on doing your own version of the Polar Bear Plunge, have your waterproof ditch bag handy, (not drifting down the river on it's own) with a change of clothing, matches, fire-starter, space blanket, flashlight, spare batteries, and anything else you might deem essential to your survival.

John's tip #2
Don't sweat the small stuff when it comes to group dynamics.

John's tip #3
Adjust your layering system before not after your already very cold. A down coat is a wonderful item for those sedentary moments where you break for lunch or sit around
the campfire.

John's thought #4 (Just my opinion from my own experience)
Sorel Boots are much warmer than any paddling type neoprene boot for mid winter paddling. Wool gloves are warmer than neoprene gloves. If you use a kayak paddle wool gloves inside Pogies will keep your hands warm and dry in extreme conditions.

John's tip#5
Eat lots of good grub high in calories. Steak, sausage, cheese, chocolate, trail mix, pancakes, oatmeal. Vegetables turn to mush unless dehydrated. Glass jars will explode in the cold. I am aware that a little Jack Daniels and coffee is very bad for you in the cold. But hey, both taste pretty good under the winter sky.

John's tip #6
The right attitude, the right gear, and the right companions are all equally essential to enjoying the waterways during the winter.

My only tip: Don't Tip! - The Capt'n

Friday, December 5, 2008

Big Medicine

The Blue Cruiser " Big Medicine"

Things are heating up, or should I say cooling down. A winter paddling trip in the making, a loosely formed group KCA (All are welcome) has been formed. There is a wonderful opportunity to paddle the Big Manistee River in January. Check out the KCA blog for more information.

A trip like this can be "Big Medicine" for those with the winter blues. With proper preparation, winter paddling and camping can be extremely enjoyable.

Locally check in with John at the Paddlin Shop in Madison, Wisconsin. He rents out gear and equipment suited for such adventures and is a wealth of knowledge.

Come join us and take your medicine like a good girl or boy - The Capt'n

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

All jazzed up

Well Boo is all jazzed up when I called her last night that we have been given the green light for the Missouri 340. Scott race director has waived the age restriction for her and is allowing her to paddle. At 12, Boo will be the youngest person to paddle the MR340.

We also got outstanding news from Dave Chun owner and manufacturer of Kialoa Paddles. They're going to sponsor Boo in her quest to raise awareness for breast cancer research. Check out Boo's blog, she talks about it in her latest post. Pretty darn cool when sponsorship is drying up in this weakening economy.

As it turns out Dave is a Kailua Boy and still has family out there. I lived in Kailua for 5 years in the late 70's early 80's. He also was a social worker and his wife Meg worked in Special Education (great tie in to peak camp) before starting up Kialoa Paddles seventeen years ago.

There is a lot of positive energy to this new partnership. It all started with a cup of coffee at the Coffee Cat Cafe in Madison where I met up with Ken Koscik. Ken had a fascination with the Kruger Sea Wind on the rack of the Jeep.

One thing lead to another and we were talking Hawaii and sharing paddling stories. Then Ken said, " There is someone you should meet!" Thanks Ken for the introduction!!

Can't wait to start the journey and see where it takes us.

"Insert quote from the movie Casablanca" - The Capt'n