Wednesday, September 26, 2012

yeah, somewhere over there...

A handful of crusty hard hitting paddlers are venturing over to Michigan to take on a scenic section of the Muskegon River next week and I am one of them. A parlay of sorts pulled together a great trip.

Judging by the map it looks like the pace will be moderate with plenty of time to relax and take in all the autumn colors; a minimum two cooler venture, lots of eats and treats; there is more information over on the Kruger Canoe Adventures Blog.

Now if we can only dodge the riff raff, tubers and lily dippers; I think an early October run will suit this crew well.

So as they say; "We gone paddlin" - leave a porch light on, we may be awhile.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Kinda ah BIG Deal...

 Happy "Sweet 16 Birthday" to the girl who continues to amaze!

Not much to say but the pressure is on; I expect BIG things from you "Boo -Sah - Bean" Big Things!!  But don't let my expectations of what should be interfere with what is; Aim high, go long, go far... follow your own path, follow your dreams.

Love Dad

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Marissa up in the bluffs; Marissa, Josh, Erin, Beth and Adam at an over-look; Marissa posing and me pouring out vintage bag wine telling the story of the "Beat Down on the Bluff" by Granny Panties.

It is a wonderful thing being outdoors in nature with friends and family, reflecting back on trips past.  Some how the trips get melded together; but the stories get better and better each time I tell them.

Did I tell you about the time I....

The Capt'n

Monday, September 17, 2012

Devil's Lake

Just another great day in Wisconsin; air crisp and dry, the warmth of the sun on your face and a vista like this.

Marissa and I met up with Sandy, Beth and Adam for a hike and overnight at Devil's Lake.  It was a lazy day, except for the wedding crashing (peeps getting married, as we positioned ourselves well to listen to the band) and hiked up the bluff. 

Devil’s Lake State Park in central Wisconsin is often called the Midwest’s “Yellowstone” and it’s easy to see why. Wisconsin’s most popular state park features amazing vistas from atop rugged, 500-foot quartzite bluffs overlooking a pristine 360-acre lake. As you can imagine, Devil’s Lake State Park is a popular hiking, biking, rock climbing, a great recreational  paddling destination too.

Devil’s Lake also encompasses a unique section of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail and offers over 29 miles of scenic trail surrounded many more miles of secluded Wisconsin back country. Lots of hidden treasures here in the Midwest.

I did get schooled going up the bluff; Koa (dog) and I took the trail up, the rest of the clan bouldered up the face to Devil's Door; "Granny Panties" ( what I am calling her), 70yr + woman passed me up on the trail like I was selling Wonder bread at a county bake sale.  When we got to the top I was going to giver her a nod of appreciation, but she was already on the run, well being I was coughing up a lung we didn't exchange pleasantries.

The Capt'n

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ground Truth Trekking...

One of my favorite blogs when I start getting itchy feet and the need to adventure; the lead in to Erin's Ground Truth Trekking Blog.

My excuses take the shape of blueberries, dripping round and fat from the branches, staining my towels purple as I separate the fruit from the leaves, their shapes burned into my eyelids as I lay down to sleep. Of salmonberries, bright thimbles of translucent red hiding in the green. And of salmon, swimming circles in Tutka lagoon, as I make pathetic attempts to snag them and slightly less pathetic attempts to fillet the fish that others caught. The shape of the garden’s overflowing greens.

My excuses live in a binder of printed out scribbled-over pages – continue

YouTube Channel - click here

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Purple gaze...

photo credit Sandy Krueger

Off into the drift-less zone in-tune to nature; you wont experience this planted on the couch.  Outstanding picture by Sandy who captured the moment where the sky and water are one.

This has become one of our groups favorite campsites, we have spent many a trip nestled in behind this island. What a way to kick off our first night on the river.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The after glow; a reflection of the river

Something about a river trip that lingers well past the take-out; the day dreams that unfold in the following days as you return to routine.  Emily's smile tells it all with a little quiet time reading on a setting sun; Marko and Joyce take on Hurricane Issac from a far as a sudden gusts breaches their camp; Marissa and Emily S. friendships.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Meandering the driftless zone

Photo Credit - Sandy Krueger

As summer wines down and autumn approaches, we get one last push from shore before the kids go back to school; this was a leisurely 4 day trip down the Wisconsin river.

The usual players, names and faces change to some degree, we had eleven in our group, all are good friends.  For me another opportunity to be out on the water with my girls; this is good for me; good for them as well to share these times.  Emily my oldest had not been out on a trip in quite awhile, it was awesome she could make it with her work schedule. Marissa was able to bring a friend which was really nice.

Record setting pace was set, no not paddling but eating Smores; we had a multiple launch of sky lanterns which was way cool nightly; good stories and good music and the food, well with 6 coolers lets just say we didn't suffer.

The weather produced by Issac gave us perfect conditions.  Easterly wind when we needed it and a light breeze now and then on the nose for a cooling effect;  Temps soared and the cool river water refreshing,  plenty of swim breaks.

We stopped to see the only known cactus I know to be growing wild in Wisconsin; we made our way to a little ice cream shop to sooth the inner child; we even stopped to walk through a sacred area where recently there were effigy mounds discovered. 

We even had some excitement as Marko and Joyce dumped their canoe, recovered most everything except their chairs; Emily S. dumped the QCC 500 after squaring up soundly with a submerged log; now that's entertainment.

It's unfortunate that a trip this perfect ended on such a sour note.  Upon our return to the Boscabel Landing where we shuttled vehicles, one of the cars had its tire slashed.  Brian D. and Judy ended up having their vehicle hauled to the small town of Fenimore as they wait for tires to be shipped and changed out.  Tires hotel  expenses and missed work by both, not the way we wanted them to end the trip.