Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good news... in fact great news!

The Good in fact great news is for no reason what so ever, my laptop is working!! When I took it in to get it analysed, they said the mother board was fried. I was so bummed as I had not backed up any photos from it when it went down.

So I was fiddling around with it and when I booted it up I saw that the battery light was doing weird things. So I took the battery out, and walla... It works as long as it is plugged into the wall socket. Bingo!!! A golden moment!!

So like a kid in a candy store, I went through picture files and found these two. I remember this conversation well. Boo and I were at Flamingo during the WaterTribe Challenge. I was explaining the need to paddle like "Hell" into the 20 plus mph wind, that sailing would mean a lot of tacking back an forth.

A candid shot of Mark myself and Boo. Last day after the storm front passed over. High winds out of the north west. We are preparing to depart from a random key we paddled to in darkness.

RiverJohn took the photo, his Sea Wind in the fore front. Wishing you a speedy recovery River John!! Missed you at the MR 340.

Looking forward to paddling with you again! Sending positive energy your way!! All the best and take care!!

You meet the most incredible people out on the water... - The Capt'n

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