Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Maybe this...

"Here it is...wup wup.. let's raise the sails!!" Maybe this year I'll make it on the water for more then a rescue or two.

June 13th, 2009 at Burrows Park on Lake Mendota, Madison, Wisconsin - Camping at Sandhill Crane State Park in Lake Mills, WI

Types of Boats: Small Sailing Craft of all Kinds (Canoes,Kayaks, Rowboats, Raptors, Hobie Adventure Islanders, Windriders, Krugers, Kleppers, etc. etc.)

A Canoe Sailing Magazine sanctioned event!!

For Information, Contact: The Paddlin' Shop, 1.800.386.1299 or

It's Free!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A little "stick" time

Boo and I broke out the pram on Saturday. Light winds out of the north were prefect for a little stick time. Koa and I paddle along side, giving pointers and encouragement.

Not too many people out for a Memorial Day weekend / Saturday. Sketchy weather in the morning must have scared off the weekend warriors. Pouring rain turned sunny by noon, perfect.

The wind stayed pretty light in the morning, but the afternoon offered a stiffening breeze. I had a hard time keeping up with Boo.

Pretty nice day out, but In the end, the wind died out and I had to tow Boo in. We ended up going out for dinner at the Moon. Wow, light crowds for a Memorial Day weekend.

For a community that needs tourism to thrive, not the start that everyone was hoping for. Nice for the paddlers and sailors, but not good for the hospitality industry.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Playing hooky

Almost summer as the temps soared to 82F in Lake Mills, Strong winds out of the South blew in a perfect day, time to play a little hooky. Picture is a shot of Rock lake from Bartel's Beach. The shore break was almost surfable.
The water still has a bit of a bite to it, though it never seems to keep the kids from testing their mettle.
I worked my way around the lake hugging the shore, seeking shelter from the breeze. Paddling the shallows, the lake has come alive with Lilly pads working their way to the surface and pan fish dancing beneath the boat.
Nothing like a mid-week comp day to make things right in the world. - The Capt'n

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm Back...

Actually never left, but a series of life enhancing experiences did materialize over the last month or so. Beyond the pond, and posting for the Bushwhacker and Ultimate Hugh Heward/50 lots of changes.
My position at the agnecy has changed dramatically, talk about being thrown into the deep end of the pool. High brace low brace and the inevitable deep water rescue, but it looks like I will persevere and not be un-employed. Though furlowing hours, loosing paid holidays appear to be on the horizon. A financial distaster for me but not catastrophic, life goes on.
On the home front girls are doing great and so is Koa. Everyone is looking towards summer and enjoying the outdoors. Jenny (sis) is all moved into her her new digs and prospering. I bring this up as the move of multiple couches chairs and the misc. 1000's boxes has jump started my workouts and continuous battle with the pudge.
Boo and I have been working out and put effort into getting out for a long paddle this past weekend. High winds and cool temps kept us off the water on Saturday (plus we bought Jenny a car this weekend, took all my strength not to battle axe the salesman). Sunday we got out in the tandem Bell Mystic for an hour or so.
Memorial Day weekend is knocking... Time to crank it up a notch.
The light at the end up the tunnel has been extinguished due to cut backs - Unknown Headlamp and compass in hand - good to go - The capt'n

Friday, May 8, 2009

Save the Date!!

Upcoming events at the paddlin' shop and beyond.

1) Saturday night May 16th, 2009. 7-9 pm. Mark and Merri Morrall of Morrall River Films will present a talk, including film footage and a blooper reel on River Trails of Southern Wisconsin, followed by a short film on Paddling the Serpent/Berrens River in Ontario. Learn about local paddling destinations, and laugh at their misery while they paddle a remote, seldom used river way in Ontario. Cookies, and buttons by Nora.

2) Saturday May 30th: Eddyline Demo Day's: 10-5. Everyday is demo day at The Paddlin Shop, but on May 30th, Steve; Eddyline's traveling rep (Florida to the Upper Midwest) will be right here at the shop, showing you why Eddyline's are some of the coolest boats on the planet.

3) Saturday June 13th, 2009 10:00- until the sun dips below the horizon. 3rd Annual Small Boat Sailing Rendezvous. Where Burrows Park, Lake Mendota. Types of Boats: Small Sailing Craft of all kinds. (Canoes, Kayaks, Rowboats, Raptors, Hobie Adventure Islanders, Windriders, Krugers, Kleppers, etc. etc.