Monday, August 10, 2009

Incredible journey

The Missouri 340 has come to an end. Now the hours of cleaning and sorting gear and the reflection of what Mark is calling "The best event I have ever done"; A bold statement as Mark has hosted events and participated in so many others.

It truly was epic for me being a part of Team Kruger / RP Lumber - Race to Heal. Can you believe it; $11,000.00 and climbing for Susan G. Komen. This will be a story told for generations to come at family gatherings.

The end of the paddle, with 500 on lookers cheering the girls in as they "sprinted" to the finish, was the making of a mini drama on the Lifetime Network. - Teens Tame the Missouri - Working title.

The award ceremony where the crowd exploded into a loud roar of cheers as the girls took 3rd in the women's tandem division. 78 hours 18min - (the leader board is in-correct.) They received a standing ovation that lasted 5 minutes.

The team work, the laughs the tears the emotion as we picked off CP after CP and pushed forward. The Team Cheer "Keep it moving". Tom loosing a filling and a cap and Marissa loosing her last baby tooth added additional drama for the event. "What do you mean you just lost a tooth!! I said it panic. Then there is the double hernia I aggravated during the event. It's off to the doc for the Captain.

Then the camaraderie of the team on the water and on the shore. - We had it dialed in. No major mistakes.

Biggest challenge was keeping the girls eating and drinking. They had a tendency when things got tough to stop and go on guts and glory. Dad's badgering - Bad; Uncle Mark pleading - Good.

A dip of the paddle to the organizers!! What an outstanding experience for all - The Capt'n

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