Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lesson learned

Sue-bee has big shoes to fill.

Lesson learned from when I sold the barge (Old Town Stillwater canoe) and received a beat down from daughter 1.1 for selling the first canoe we had adventures in ("Boo Dad boo").  I thought it best to bring a daughter; daughter 1.2 was available so we went vehicle shopping.

We tried this before when I had my eye on a Toyota Tacoma pick-up; Marissa shot it down in a hurry, "I can't recline the seat to sleep on road trips and I can't get my feet on the dash", so that was a no go.  We had better luck with the Subaru Forester, met all our needs and more importantly daughter approved.

So we said good bye to the jeep, ( worn and tattered as she was, brought us plenty of memories ) I was not going alone.  It was kind of an emotional moment, so many adventures, camping, climbing, sailing and paddling, drive-in movies and plenty of runs to the Kiltie for Custard, a main stay to our adventures big and small.

So enter stage right the Sue-bee Forester; a peppy little sports wagon with all wheel drive; roomy and comfortable; kinda nice having a newer vehicle that everything works.

So we will put her to the test, see if she can fill a pretty big set of shoes the jeep provided; so far so good, looking forward to our next adventure.

The Capt'n

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

Preable to the Sawtooth - journey / destination

Photo by Sandy 

The autumn is a special time, a season of change; many have tried to capture this moment by written word, paint and photography; I found the best way is to get out there and experience it first hand; don't let these opportunities slip on by, they are truly moments that shape your soul.

We push south after leaving the resort area of Mackinaw; we are destine for the White Birch Campground where the meet and great will ensue for what has turned out to be an adventure paddling experience not soon to be  forgotten. for more, click here

The Capt'n 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Preable in the UP Michigan

Sandy needed to make some choices; both the "Bobber" and I wanted to paddle the Muskegon river; with paddles in hand, hard decisions had to be made, but not before a full on buffet breakfast. Follow the story - click here

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Preable to the Sawtooth Challenge


As a preamble to the Sawtooth Challenge, Sandy and I drove up and over through the UP of Michigan; here is our crossing with the cruiser on the roof of the hoopty jeep and the Mackinaw Bridge in the distance. Yes there is an extreme fracture in the windshield, that story another time.

As we pull into Mackinaw for a little sight seeing, there is a Mackinaw work-boat on display at a local establishment; this was beauty, fully functional sailing work-boat; me likey. I'm pretty sure I could have gotten it on top of the hoopty if not for already having the cruiser on there.

We did our fair share of window shopping, I figured I saved myself about $500.00 not buying swords, Tilleys, new boots and a cool jacket.  I did breakdown and by a sampling of Mackinaw fudge; everyone has a weakness.

more on out adventure - click here

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sawtooth Challenge overview by SPOT

Overview of the route by my SPOT tracker

More on our adventure at:

Sawtooth Challenge re-direct

photo by: Mike Smith

Sandy Koa and I coming into a section called big rapids on the Muskegon River; a class 1 set of rapids that tends to get your blood pumping in a hurry in a fully loaded canoe.

More on our adventure at:

Monday, October 8, 2012

Sawtooth Challenge recap

 Photo credit: Sandy Krueger

Doing some writing for the Kruger Canoes Adventures Blog on our latest trip down the Muskegon River in Michigan; as usual I will take special liberties with content, verbally abuse the participants and tell a musing tale of adventure and intrigue; mosey on over.  click here