Monday, August 24, 2009

Paradise at your back door

Another day in Paradise; temps drop fall is in the air, nothing like spending the day by the water. We started out by making freshly baked cinnamon rolls, then off to the park for some fetch.

The orange ring is Koa's favorite toy in the the whole world. Thank goodness the squeaky thing fell out, cause as a car toy in heavy traffic, it can drive you bonkers.

Action shot after throw number, 1, 200, 400,256, she never tires. I think I threw my arm out; thank goodness Marissa was there to toss a few.

Well we're 30 days out from Marissa's 13th birthday and it has already started, teen shyness. What's a father to do...

...Catch her when she is not looking!!
Took the cruiser out this weekend, duffed around Rock lake, scrubbed out the inside removed decals and added some.
Next adventure is the three day paddle with the Capt'n; a MCP sanctioned event. Then the Labor Day Weekend... hmmm, maybe a paddle on the Wisconsin River is in order. At this point it's a mystery...
Ah what secret pleasures do long weekends on the water bring to the Captain of the O Dark 30.

Paddle on - The Capt'n

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