Monday, June 25, 2007

Team Kruger

Mark and Jack from Kruger Canoes made the journey from Irons Michigan to Lake Mills safe and sound with 4 Kruger Cruisers and 2 Sea Winds for us to use during the Hardcore Adventure Camp, which starts today. Thanks Mark!! Most appreciated!!

We are ready to roll. The energy is high, the weather looks outstanding and our bags are packed...

Back at you in a week or so. - The Capt'n

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Have You Paddled with Your Kid Today?

In a world where children know characters on television better than their own family members and can name locations in their favorite video game but can't tell you the name of everyone in their class, something is wrong.

It is time to teach your child a lesson, time to get the paddle out, get outside and introduce them to the many benefits of the great outdoors.

Now back away from the remote - The Capt'n

Friday, June 22, 2007

Sir Silbs

I really like this quote. "Amen. The power of now" - Silbs

Please don't let his photo scare you... head over to Silbs bog for some entertaining banter, insights and some great paddling photography.
Happy birthday to me - The Capt'n

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hardcore Adventure Camp

What does it takes to pull off the Hardcore Adventure Camp?

Dedicated individuals that see the value in inspiring a youth to be the best they can be. To challenge adapt and over-come adversity, to persevere.

I am very fortunate to have such a great group of individuals assist me in facilitation of our up-coming camp Could not do it with out you all!

Here is the list of participants and facilitators.

Adult Mentors

Carol M.
Glenn M
Glenn D.
Brian D.
Dana H.
Jack C.
Luke M.
Mark P.
Stan H.
Tom G.

Youth Challengers


I’ll post the results of our adventure in the next couple of weeks. Until then...

If you need me, I’ll be in the beer garden of the Tyranena Brewery The Capt’n

Monday, June 18, 2007

Super "Boo" Marissa


Photos By Emily - Thanks "M" for doing support and following the race!! Marissa and I really appreciated it!

Day 1 - The Drive up

We cruised 268 miles up to Conover Wisconsin and checked into the campground and sorted through our gear. We roasted hotdogs and dined on Smores. Slowly but surely teams of paddlers started to roll in. We hung out at our campsite socialized with some of the MadCity Paddlers that happened by.

Day 2 - Stage One - 13 miles.

We were informed that we would not be allowed to race in the child / adult category as Jeff Rohr The race director said we were too fast. :-/ He hasn't read my book, beer and burgers- boats and babes...

We ended up being put in with the rec racer group, which put us up against tandem teams in Minnesota II's Bell Northwinds adult paddlers. We were the only adult / child team in this category.

Marissa took it in stride and we went out to do the best we could. We pretty much got schooled in the first day. The Wisconsin River was pretty shallow and with two of us in the Sawyer, well we were in and out of the boat a lot.

Marissa paddled like a madwoman and did a great job paddling in the stern. I think we did a 3 hour 7 min run the first day. The larger canoes had less draft and skimmed the rocky bottom.

I tell ya, I was beat after the first day... can you say nap time...

Day 3 - Stage Two - 14 miles.

A lot more water on stage two. We were able to hang with the tandem boats for about an hour and fell off the pace as the wind picked up out of the north. Marissa did a great job of steering as we paddled into the wind to the finish. Can't remember what our finish time was? 3 hours plus, I'll have to update the posting when the info gets on the web.

We finished well a head of the other adult / child teams and adult mixed tandem teams so we were pretty happy with that. It was a little disappointing not racing with the adult / child teams as it left little time to work on sportsmanship and camaraderie. Cause really that was what it should be about. Plus getting Marissa a trophy!!! :-)


It was a great time up there with my girls. Marissa is one heck of a paddler. She got lots of handshakes and high fives at the finish for completing the race. Emily did a great job getting pictures of the event.

I would recommend this event for any adult / child team that wants to paddle a very twisty shallow section of the Wisconsin River and support a very worth while cause.

Check out the Callie Rohr Canoe Race website

What ever you are doing right now isn't as important as spending time with a child - The Capt'n

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cover of the Rolling Stone

There is a great read in the Small Craft Advisor on the Everglades Challenge. What is really cool is that Team RAF ( 4 adventure crazed college students on Spring Break ) made the cover of the magazine.

I sponsored Team RAF by donating some sails for their Wa'apa sailing canoes assisting in fulfilling their the quest to compete in the event.

The 00 is the yacht club affiliation insignia from the Lac La Belle Yacht Club from which I hailed from in my youth. The 00 still follows me as I prepare for the MR340 in Kruger Cruiser 00-17. It is very cool for me to see the 00 on the cover.

Check out the Team RAF blog. It's the continuing saga and triumph of 4 boys (young men) doing what it takes to get to the finish of one of the toughest small boat races in the world. From rummaging in dumpsters to their homeless existence, It is what true sailing lore is made of.

The days of iron-men and wooden ships... arrr matie - The Capt'n

Marissa (Boo) and I are off for more adventure, participating in the Callie Rohr Canoe Race this weekend... We're packing up and heading out early tomorrow morning. This dad is all smiles.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Two for Tuesday

Two for one burgers and two for one beers tonight at Meegan's Restaurant in Lake Mills. It's only fitting I get a two hour paddle in this morning. :-)
Paddled the silk, watching the sun come up over the trees. Beautiful morning for a paddle.
I have a problem with my eyes... can't see going into work today - The Capt'n

Monday, June 11, 2007

It's all about timing

After a week of horrific weather, bad thunderstorms and tornadoes, our 3-day paddle with the MadCity Paddlers saw nothing but blue skies and warm waters. Perfect camping conditions. We timed this paddle perfectly.

Friday was a wonderful evening paddle down the Rock River to dinner. We had 12 paddlers show for day one and followed up the dinner paddle with a few cocktails by a roaring fire. No sing a longs, but some tribal drumming and roasting marsh mellows capped the nights affair.

Saturday was an outstanding day. A paddle and portage up a chain of lakes in and near Oconomowoc. We hit a couple of restaurants along the way and had a few cocktails. Stopping at the Kiltie Drive-in and having frozen custard was a hit as well. Saturday evening found us at a great Mexican restaurant and back in front of the fire before turning in for the night.

Still hitting it hard with the up-coming Missouri 340. I did get up early before the group got moving and got in two hours paddle with some intervals thown in for good measure. There is a great stretch of the Rock River right where we camped. The air was still and there was a light blanket of mist over the water. Outstanding morning.

Sunday was another beautiful day of paddling. We paddled a remote area of the Bark River and ended up in the community of Fort Atkinson. The 14- mile section in between Hebron and Fort Atkinson offers up a remote feel as in meanders through the county side. There are only a couple of houses that can be seen from the river an added bonus for a some what populated community.

We finished our weekend with a tour at the Rock River Canoe Company. There are a 8 different canoes and small dory’s being built at any given time.

Kim the proprietor is a master boat builder and offers support and guidance as your build your own watercraft. The tour was outstanding, as there were four builders on site sharing their experience of building their own watercraft. Tempting for me, but I am not allowed to touch power tools.

Thank you MadCity Paddlers for joining me on this paddling weekend – The Capt’n

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Ah a wonderful thing just happened

TABA has just started a blog. This is a very cool and very exciting for those of us that follow the progress of individuals attempting great feat by small watercraft.

I don’t want too give to much away about TABA (real name Dexter), but he is a real part of how and why I am into the WaterTribe scene.

“I'm getting ready for the next UFC and have decided to create a blog detailing my progress along the way. I've followed some of the Challengers in the Tribe who write blogs and have found them fun, interesting, and educational. Mine may not be any of those things. With the new ease of blogging (I discovered how easy last night while checking SandyBottom's blog) I'm giving it a try. This is all new to me and my blog won't be up to the standards of most other bloggers but it will show my progress in areas like the portage, my "tent", rudder controls, and my sailing trials coming up this summer.
I invite anyone to check it out. It may be days (even a week) between any postings but I will try to keep the site current with progress and photos. Happy paddling to all and great days ahead to those about to race” -TABA.

So please sit back and follow along as TABA sets his sights on the Ultimate Florida Challenge 2008, a 1200 mile journey around the great state of Florida.

I am off for a paddle - The Capt'n

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Stage is set

3 –day paddle with the Capt’n

Everything is in order for the 3 day MadCity Paddlers paddle that I am hosting this weekend. We might even get some good weather!! The crew at the Watertown Conservation Club are the greatest. They have allowed me to host groups, challenges and adventures from their facility for the past 8 years. Most appreciated!!

If any from the Milwaukee area sea-kayakers group is reading this, you are most welcome to attend!! The water is warm and the frothy beverages are cold!

Hardcore Adventure Camp Update:

Looks like we are at 19 confirmed for the event. We still have four more days for individuals to get their waivers to me.

MR340 Update:

MR340 has a full roster. It looks to be shaping up to be a who’s who of veteran TWS and MR340 challengers. Teams are coming from across the country to participate and watch the event unfold. Check out their website, lots of new features and a new look.

Sweet Judy, it's a busy summer - The Capt'n

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Portage Fun and then some

A great little portage aid coming up the Oconomowoc River on to Lac La Belle. The Oconomwoc River slows dramatically in the summer months. Lots of weeds and rock bars between Oconomowoc and Concord. Unless we get heaps more rain, this section will be less then fun until next spring.

Another great little bridge on the Oconomowoc River. Hopefully we will be able to paddle this section with the MadCity Paddlers next weekend. A great section of the river for a social paddle.

A bit of a boat pull up river through the riffs. I probably could have paddled it if I had brought a rock paddle. All I had were a couple of nice carbon paddles with me. No biggie, the water has warmed nicely this past week.

Nothing like taking your Sea Wind for a walk - The Capt'n

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Stormy conditions

So much for going for 24 hours. I did get out today for a 6 hour paddle, dodging the rain and the lightening. It was a pretty good paddle up until the point I aggravated my right knee. I strained it as I was portaging from Lac la Belle to Fowler Lake. I came home and iced it to keep the swelling down.

Here is an old bridge I came up on. Built in 1902 - some nice stone work. A couple of times I ducked under bridges and let the thunderstorm roll on by.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Ramping it up - the clock is ticking


As SandyBottom put it in her blog a few days back, "Training Time is Getting Critical " I have the Sea Wind on the jeep and gear packed. The plan is to leave work around 4:30pm, be on the water by 6:00pm and go through the night and all day Saturday for 24 hours.

Weather is iffy so I think I will stay off the Wisconsin River as I have no cell phone service in that area, and safety is a major concern. See SandyBottom's blog on Preaching to the Choir and Paddle Safety. SandyBottom is the real deal, no matter what she tells you. A great friend and an extremely good expedition paddler.

So the plan is to paddle some local lakes that are connected by rivers. I know this area pretty well and it is a safe choices when the weather gets bad. And it looks like it will, but the next 4 weekends are critical to my training and ramp up to the MR340.

Off the couch and on the water - The Capt'n