Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Crazy days and crazy nights; in a 24 hours span it went from 44 degrees to 88 degrees; fog and no wind to howling; Welcome to Memorial day in Wisconsin. I did how ever get out and paddle and sail all three days, which was very much needed.
Good breeze on Memorial Day and in the 80's made for a splendid sail; got out early before all the crazies got out on the water. Wind was building all day, went from full sail and PAS down to two reefs in the main.
All good things must come to an end or so they say; here is a shot of Rock Lake at Bartel's Beach. Yeah that's me launching in the swim area. Just to the right is a designated canoe launch but the city decided to put picnic tables in front of the launch, so it's terrible for staging the Balogh rig.
Happy Tuesday!! - The Capt'n

Monday, May 23, 2011


Finally got some warm weather; Koa all tuckered out after a big game of fetch. Time to do some paddling.
Boo working it up river on the Oconomowoc river; we're on the section between Fowler Lake and Oconomowoc Lake, a favorite section as there is always frozen custard involved.
Some open water paddling across Fowler lake; There is a rudder on the QCC 500 so Marissa can swing a single blade; 80 degrees and loving it.

Toby turned me on to the Cooke Custom tarp; he had one when we were down in Pass A Grille and made for an enjoyable evening getting shelter from the rain. I set it up with canoe paddles to see if it was function able without having to bring additional poles along; I like items that have more then one purpose. It worked pretty well with the Kelty low-rider chair, traditional chair made it too low.

I did pick up one of those sand mats for trips on the Wisconsin River and other sandy destinations; also picked up this cool aluminium folding table ( these are not race / challenge equipment, they are creature comforts, no debris huts for these ole bones.) But still able to carry with ease for paddling trips.

Sheer coincidence that Dawn and i have the same title for our posts... too funny!! http://www.sandybottomkayaker.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

West Hansen

The challenge to kayak the entire 4,225 miles of the Amazon River – the world’s longest and largest – in a source-to-sea attempt to establish the solo speed record AND the fastest time of anyone to complete the course. This is similar to combining the Tour de France and an Everest ascent into one treacherous challenge - more...

Monday, May 9, 2011


Marissa #2 daughter and I finally got out on the water and paddled this weekend; Road trip to Madison and paddled out on Lake Mendota. We met up with John who was out paddle sailing; we cruised the union and Governor's Mansion hugging the shore to stay sheltered of the wind.

Marissa was in the QCC 500 and I was in the Sea Wind; I've said it before this kid can paddle. Her first time out this year in a solo boat and I had to pay attention before she scooted away on me.

Met up with Emily #2 daughter for lunch, (she is thinking of transferring to U.W. Madison) and was checking things out with some friends.

Good weekend!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

This is how we roll

Photo by: Canoe Across America

This is how we canoeist roll; Ole number #7 portage pack, a Blue Barrel and a Pelican case for your delicates. Here Darrin is sporting new 16' inch wheels on the portage cart. Keep'er moving. Check him out as he paddles across America.

Back home Sandy and I went out for a high wind up hill paddle on the Oconomowoc River from Concord - to Ocononowoc; or at least in that direction. We only went a mere 5 miles in the current and wind, but it was over two hours of paddling. (needing to leave room for my Sunday afternoon nap)
Canoe Travels: Planning, Executing, Enjoying...

12,800 more to go

Anyone checking out Jim's SPOT track today will know that he did quite a bit of paddling. He got in a lot of miles today. Haven't heard from yet tonight so I know he's probably all tuckered out. He's camped on the eastern - more...
I feel all rested. - The Capt'n