Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rally the Kiddos, load the Hoopty Jeep!

We'll have to keep a keen eye on the weather as Isaac pushes north into the heartland; it can be tricky out on the Wisconsin River; the weather channel was boasting huge amounts of rainfall in southern Wisconsin Saturday thru Sunday, but checking other weather outlets for information we get much better outlook;

I like the wind out of the east, woo hoo!! 

The Capt'n

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Second Season

It's kinda fun when you Google "autumn paddling" and pictures you posted over the years come up.

We have had foggy mornings as air and water temperatures collide; Fall is a spectacular time to be out on the water in Autumn's mist; say good bye to the jet-skis and power boats.

The Wisconsin river beckons over Labor Day; we have 11 in our group, including  daughters 1.1 and 1.2; they are extremely excited to go, it has been a few years since we all got out on a trip together.

Really looking forward to this trip especially after missing last year's fall trip due to surgery; packing heavy for comfort, drums guitars sky lanterns for entertainment and a cooler full of delectables; ain't life grand?

Taking Friday off to stretch it into a 4 day trip; our party will rally at Boscabel to drop vehicles, we organized a shuttle for gear and boats to take us up river to Blackhawk Sauk put-in. It makes for a pleasurable start in-deed; I live in a town with one stoplight, so no real hustle and bustle to escape from, but non-the-less looking forward to getting back on river time.

See ya on the other side of Labor Day.

-The Capt'n