Friday, February 25, 2011

Enjoy the little things

As I attempt to sort out the chaos which is Madison WI; I enjoy the little things, like hanging at the Rock River Canoe Company. Here we have just pulled this tiny 10' rowboat off the forms. I was pretty excited cause they actually let me help; normally I am not allowed around power tools, hand tools or projects of any kind, yes I am cursed, ( The Boyscout birdhouse fiasco of '67 is a prime example.) I digress...
Anyway, standing around and being a nuisance sometimes works to everybody's benefit; There is a half built 17' prospector still on the forms that has not been completed by it's builder. The canoe project has been sitting idle for some time. No No don't get a head of yourself I am not taking over the project, please; but I did put the shop and the current owner in touch with someone who is seriously interested in taking the project over; my finders fee has yet to be established.
Though when I did leave the shop, everyone was smiling; Ah... "Enjoy the little things."
The Capt'n

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Madison WI USA - 2011

Capt'n Schooled - again

That sneaky Ben is way ahead of the Capt'n - here's a shot of the rudder / tiller assembly

EC Class III

Tic toc tic toc the Everglades Challenge approaches. Most participants will tell you the event started when they signed up, some 10 months ago. Many build their own boats, or modify for comfort and safety.
My pick for a class 3 win will be Ben's XCR Sailing Canoe. Marissa and I paddle against the XCR last year in the Ultra Marathon 2010; in different classes but a great opportunity to see how the XCR performs. It performs very well.
The engineering gene in Ben's DNA has allowed adaptation to the XCR to be clean simple and efficient. The lee board will offer real upwind advantage with its size and placement. The screechier can be a real advantage off the wind, combined with the over-sized rudder. Over sized amas added safety and the ability to fly a lot of canvas.
My suggestion would be to add a detachable tiller to have rudder response by touch of the hand then by foot peddles off the wind; or be prepared to paddle steer to keep the canoe from rounding up surfing down swells. Another suggestion while under sail would be the ability to allow the crew (Emily) to move fore and aft, especially aft while surfing off the wind.
The plan is for Ben to send me updates regularly to tell his story; we hope to have plenty of pics and the edgy reporting of the Capt'n. Posts will be over on the Kruger Canoe Adventures Blog where we will be following Kruger Cruisers, Sea Winds and Dreamcatchers that are entered.
The Kruger Players
Chief - Dreamcatcher
Cwolfe - Sea Wind
HonuSail - Sea Wind
NiteNavigator / Nightsong - Cruiser
Whale - Sea Wind
Whitecaps - Sea Wind
The Capt'n

Saturday, February 19, 2011


I like his "O" Dark 30 style

Mark Kalach - Adventurer - Explorer - Athlete - Click here

Dip of the paddle to Mike Smith who tracked this adventurer down and brought it to my attention; considering Marissa and I will be on the Missouri River in July for the MR340 and Mark is pushing from the source of the Missouri in May, it would be of some value during our training to drop in and chat with the man.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Adventure On!

John Browning "Living the Dream"
Twisted steel and sex appeal - and a rack full of yaks. You go JB! You are living the dream.
photo credit: John Browning

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Big Blow

Definition: Sustained winds over 35mph for three hours or more; or frosty yummy goodness, it's all perspective.
Peeps in Wisconsin can't get enough news on the "Big Blow" - It's a mystery why we are so intrigued - ALERT THE MEDIA!!
It's snow and it is blowing around... OK a lot of snow - The Capt'n

* Please note this was posted hours before the Capt'n did 2 hours of shoveling with 2+ more hours pending; a retraction is warranted.