Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Super Boo Weekend - May 9th - 11th

"News To Me" is the world as YOU see it. Your videos, pictures and stories showcased in an original, fast-paced and interactive show on Headline News. Tune in Saturday and Sunday at 7:30 p.m., 9:30 p.m. and 12:30 a.m. ET on Headline News.
Looks like the The Adventures of Super Boo will be aired on Mother's Day Weekend. Mr. Kane from CNN will confirm next week Tuesday, but here is a teaser to get it on your calender.
So Mother's Day weekend will be filled with paddling adventure, as Boo and I present at the Paddlin' Shop on Friday Night at 7:00pm. If you come for the presentation, stay for the cookies, as Nora will mix up a batch of her faves and will make them available for your snacking pleasure!
I have not seen the final cut or really have a clue what it will look like. We'll just have to wait and see!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

OC 1 Championships Live

Since 1952 when three intrepid canoe teams battled for nine hours from Moloka'i to Oahu, the outrigger canoe races across Kaiwi have been highlighted by their legendary stories of gritty, heroic drama.

For the first time spectators around the world, and at the finish line on wide-screen TV, will be able to listen and watch live as the action unfolds at this year's Kaiwi Channel Solo OC-1 World Championship Race.Let your friends and family know that they can come down to The Shack inHawaii Kai Shopping center where the race will be aired live on widescreen TV from 8:30am till finish.

If you can't join us at The Shack,go to PA'A's website http://www.paahawaii.com/ Sunday morning, April 27th, and click on live broadcast link, and you can watch as the race unfolds right in front of you from your home computer.

Be aware that the broadband signal is not super strong at Kaluakoi so the streaming images will be somewhat choppy and may even cut out periodically. But be patient with this new technology. As the raceprogresses towards Oahu the signal strengthens, and for the last thirdof the race the streaming video will be cleaner and crisper.

Please join us for this first time pioneering event as we share the sport of OC1 with paddlers and spectators across the world.

Mahalo, PA'A

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Wilson

Up in the Wisconsin Dells for a conference, I took advantage of this pre-season opportunity to paddle this wonderful area. Nobody out on the water, which is unheard of come Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day.

I paddled Lake Delton and numerous feeder rivers and creeks. On my journey I came upon my own "Wilson". If you saw Tom Hanks in Castaway you'll understand. So this little rubber ball with a face is my new paddling partner.

Great sandstone out-cropping make this area a very scenic area to paddle. There were a few fisherman taking advantage of the good weather. Huge Carp (fish) could be seen along the shore. These guys were fishing for Blue Gil... Nothing on their stringer, but they didn't seem to care. It was close to 80 degrees down on the water, just beautiful out.

I thought this was worth a mention. Instead of cutting down this dead tree, somebody carved this very cool eagle. Must have taken awhile really looked good. The wood is yellow as it looks like they hit it with some spar varnish or lacquer.

It's all about the shoreline on this paddle. With every turn a new rock formation.

Simply put - amazing - The Capt'n

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Like sand through the hour glass

Shore hugging brought me up onto this over-hanging branch. It stirred many childhood memories. I remember this old mother willow in the backyard of my cousins home on Fowler Lake.... what fun we had climbing and jumping from her branches into the water. Challenging each other to go farther and farther out...

Shaking the cobwebs and stirring the mind - The Capt'n

Monday, April 21, 2008

NyQuil induced coma

Finally feeling somewhat better, I was able to switch from the 10% alcohol content in NyQuil, to something more palatable. What is important to note about this picture, is the water is crystal clear and the perfect temperature for keeping your favorite beverage cool..

Saturday found me on a very short, but needed paddle around Rock Lake. Having been in the prone position for almost a week (coughing up lung butter, fever and the sweats). It is apparent, that anything that I had in reserve from the Everglades Challenge, has departed.

My sister Jenny wanted to paddle today so I headed East, only to get the call in transit, she's opting for yard work. "Priorities Girl!!"

Running the 1/3 spray skirt keeps the boat dry as it catches the paddle drip on the switch. This is the new pier off of Sugar Island Road on Lower Lake Nemahbin, a favorite put in for yakers and canoeists. Parking is limited, but not early in the early a.m..

A very flooded Bark river runs through this drainage lake. The reed grass and good flow keep this lake a jewel in the heart of lake country. Runs very clear. Great place for an early season paddle but gets very busy during the summer with all the cottages and lake homes.

Shot of the cotton tails and grasses that keep the lake clear. Also notice the plastic Owl a Wisconsin favorite. Supposed to keep the gulls off the pier. works for about ten minutes. Usually you end up bumping into it and get gull crap on you.

Bunch of yaks just itching to get out on the water. Yet they lay dormant. Left from last year, it looks like these yaks didn't get put away before the snow fell.

Notice: To the woman I saw paddling off of Bartel's Beach on Sunday. You left your paddle on the beach. I have it. :-) This is a picture of the sticker on your car. Can you explain it to me. (i.e. NyQuil induced coma). I thought it said canoeist, maybe co-exist... still don't know, but thought it was cool.

Enjoying the remains of the day, with the great sunset pending. A picnic dinner and a couple of cold brews. Mid 70's, windless conditions, doesn't get much better then this.

A Sunday afternoon with conditions like this can only be found early in the season. On any other Sunday, this would just be a backdrop for jet-skiers, speed boats and pontoon boats.

Keep'n it simple - The Capt'n

Friday, April 18, 2008


The Adventures of Super Boo
Super Boo aka "Marissa Weber" a 2008 finisher
7:30pm Friday May 9, 2008 at the Paddlin’ Shop

The Everglades Challenge – One of the toughest small boat challenges in the world, as seen through the eyes of an eleven year old and her dad.

The Everglades Challenge is an unsupported, expedition style adventure race for kayaks, canoes, and small boats. The distance is roughly 300 nautical miles depending on your course selection. The course runs from Fort De Soto to Key Largo, Florida

Super Boo had been thinking for some time on how she could help her mom and others who have breast cancer. So after talking with her Dad, they came up with an idea of raising awareness and money through participation in the Everglades Challenge

Please join us for an evening of adventure, awareness and discussion.

Here is a good video on cold shock and hypothermia: http://media.yukonman.com/bchost/cold_water1.wmv

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Join us!!

Click on image to enlarge

The 2nd Annual Paddle / Sailing Rendezvous takes shape. This is a free event, with a fun fill weekend of paddling and sailing. The weekend offers more excitement with the

Marquette Waterfront Festival

2008 Waterfront Festival: Saturday - Sunday, June 7th - 8th Once again the Marquette Neighborhood Association has spared no expense in offering up two days of unsurpassed excitement at the 19th annual Marquette Waterfront Festival. Please come bask all day in the seductive Lake Monona breezes as the community convenes on June 7th and 8th.

The cottonwoods provide the ideal canopy for this rite of spring at picturesque Yahara Place Park on Madison's near East side.

Plan on paddle sailing and enjoying a great festival in the wonderful city of Madison. Camping, alternative accommodations can be coordinated through me. contact me at: brian@peakcamp.com

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Window of opportunity

With weather blowing in un-favorable, I took advantage of this window of opportunity and headed out after work for a paddle. Temps soared to 42 degrees F. the sun shown bright and the glassy conditions made it ideal for a lap around the lake.

I'm sporting my 1970's vintage life jacket. Nice look aye? :-/ Not even sure if it would float me? Anyway, I figured something is better then nothing. ( I gotta get over to Michigan later in the month to get my gear)

Did some shore hugging and logged in 6 miles. A yellow lab came out to greet me as his owner was throwing a training float into the water. A couple of loons scooted around me further down the lake and home owners were dropping in their piers left and right.

Earth Day Celebration and Paddlefest

April 19, 2008
April 20, 2008

Clear Water Outdoor presents the 2nd Annual Earth Day Celebration and Paddlefest. Kick off the paddling season with free kayak demos, paddling clinics, beach and park clean-up, tree planting, a raffle to raise money for Big Foot Beach State Park and much, much more!

Sponsored by Clear Water Outdoor and the CWO Adventure Club. For more information contact Laura Hering at Clear Water Outdoor 262-348-2420 or lola@clearwateroutdoor.com

It's official - we're open for business - The Capt'n

Monday, April 14, 2008

It's official, ice is out...


It’s that time of year when we use the 3 out of 4 rule for paddling. Basically, if three out of the four exist in any combination we do not paddle… Two out of four might be the norm for a couple of months, un-comfortable if not prepared, but were in Wisconsin, in early spring, there’s open water we make every effort to get out there.
1. Rain
2. Wind
3. Cold
4. Darkness


Today’s early morning paddle was cold. No wind no rain, no darkness. Though, I did find myself well into my second cup of java before heading out. Ah the comforts of home...

In the twenties with ice building up on the canoe, the sun creeping up the tree line… perfect! I hugged the shoreline and dodged the DNR fish traps as I made my way north towards Rock Lake Park.

Did some intervals on the way back, focusing on form and technique, a great morning to get out on the water and paddle.

I missed you Rock Lake… welcome back – The Capt’n

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Go Kruger!

Heads up to paddle over to the Kruger Canoe website for up-dates additions for the up coming Hugh Hewerd and Bushwhacker paddling extravaganzas. Unless you have a doctors excuse, I'd expect everyone to make a real effort to get up get out and get on the river. These are the events that camp stories come from! Come on!! Put paddle to water for a great cause!!

Rivers are running high and fast in Southern Wisconsin. More rain on the way. Events and paddle outings are being cancelled by some pretty experienced paddlers. When Patrick Cannon cancels a paddle, you know something is up.
I saw two groups of paddlers this week/weekend ill prepared for water temps... The only thing you had going for you was luck.
Consider this...
Please do not exceed your comfort level for an hour joy ride in your rec-boat. You need the same ditch gear for an hour paddle as a two day paddle if you are in remote areas. And for the goofs bobbing around in the ice chunks on Lake Mendota in the orange horseshoe life jackets...NOT SMART!!

I'm feeling a bit spunky today- The Capt'n

Sunday, April 6, 2008

How about

KayakWendy (wonderful blogger ) informed me that there are not enough pictures of me on my blog. :-/ O.K. so here are a few pictures to fill the void... Here is a picture is me, in my house with a hat on...boring...

Here's me sitting by a canoe at the put it, enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. I did 11 miles today, followed by a great eat at Fiesta's Mexican Restaurant. Ken, Jean and Steph from MadCity Paddlers joined me for the last 5.5 back down in Jefferson.

FYI. I am dressed for the day and not the water. This is not smart with the water temperature at at 40 degrees F. But I have a Frost River Portage Pack, not shown stuffed full of gear, ditch kit, etc...

BTW John from the Paddlin Shop did a great presentation for the MCP group on cold water paddling on Thursday. Great stories, valuable information which reminded and motivated me to put some time in gathering the necessary safety gear for cold water paddling.

It was kinda fun rummaging through equipment boxes putting gear together. Most of my serious expedition gear is still sitting at Kruger Canoes in action packers. So wooded paddles, stuff sacks and a 23 year old Sawyer Summersong would need to see me through.

Ah yes, here's a great shot of me, doing nothing. I'm a great supporter of doing nothing. Actually I specialize (a master) in doing nothing. Just think, if we all did nothing for just one day...

I'm feeling like a Jacuzzi - The Capt'n

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A little closer to home

Things are ramping up a little closer to home as well... the up coming Hugh Heward on April 26th and the Renegade - Bushwacker Challenge.

I spoke with Mark from Kruger and it looks like they are putting together a 2 day event to accommodate the weekend warrior in all of us. Check back frequently and I 'll post more as the information comes in.

The adventures continue - get up, get out, get on the river... -The Capt'n

Oh for goodness sake...

Now I got this urge to go do the Yukon!! Son of a... Kiwi, SandyBottom... I hold you both responsible.

Now friend's are sending me more info... fueling the fire... already have a call into Mark from Kruger Canoes about modifications and possibly grabbing the old plug or mold for the Kruger Sea Breeze.

Why can't I just go paddle with out all the hub bub... what the heck is driving me to ramp up a campaign to do this event...


EC for sure in 2009 no matter what
Seriously, I mean seriously considering the Ultimate Florida Challenge
All Jazzed for the Yukon 1000

Then I have this itch to go do the 740 mile NWCT. Anyway here is a read that was just forwarded to me by a good friend Christy down in Texas.

Yukon Passage: a year camping on a raft

Sure Christy throw another "adventure-log" on the already raging fire !! :-)

Oh crap... I also have an eco-tec trip going out in 2009 - Help!! - The Capt'n

Decisions, decisions

Any question what to do?
In a conundrum of sorts, the expedition / challenge paddling community is thrown another bone, the http://yukon1000.com/. This event as others that are popping up are unique in nature, but have a common thread. The commitment. It takes months of preparation to pull off a successful, enjoyable experience.


It's no wonder that KiwiBird and SandyBottom are already in the planning stages. Decisions need to be made. The rules, boat limitations, and equipment.


Kiwi has posted this on her blog. - Down the Yukon with a paddle -


But which one? The paddle debate will probably never be fully resolved. And it’s something that Dawn and I are certainly having to mull over regarding the 2009 Yukon 1000.

We’re both committed Greenland paddlers, and both use a
Lumpy Paddle. But will using a GP – even potentially a carbon fiber GP – make us competitive enough? Should we, therefore, be retraining ourselves to use a wing paddle? The probability is that anyone else entered in the kayak class, either K1 or K2, will be using wings.

Does using a GP not make paddlers competitive enough? I’d be loathe to think so. I finished first in my class in this year’s Everglades Challenge using a GP - and knocked 22 hours off my time from last year - and was the only kayaker solely paddling with a GP.

We have both resolved that we will not be leaving our GPs at home. Whatever paddle we end up using will definitely be supplemented by the GP, to help ease any possible physical strain.

Thoughts would be appreciated -
Lots of paddlers chimming in on Kiwi's blog... head over and take a look.
I'm a single blade man myself - The Capt'n