Sunday, July 29, 2012

Shear winds lightening and the pursuit of happiness.

High winds rain and an abundance of lightening have turned my world from a barren waste land of brown grass and dead leaves to a lush mid-western paradise.  Ah the power of H2o; tho trees in the area took a beating, massive oaks broken off - winds estimated at 60 miles an hour earlier in the week.

Happy happy as we got out on the water yesterday for a couple of hours; as usual the event was bookmarked by a good food at Round the Lakes Cafe and cold beer ant the German Bar in Oconomowoc; not to mention great company,  Sandy and Jack joined Marissa and I before heading out for the Missouri 340 next week.

The Capt'n

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

hAzY dAzE oF sUmMeR

" No video games or electronics; give me a net a pond and an imagination "

It has been an interesting summer thus far; not what I had expected, but then again expectations are so over-rated; give me 90 secs - 

Marissa lives with me (good thing) misses all of her friends (bad thing); I was bitten by a recluse spider and am on antibiotics, got treatment right away so I am a head of the game (my leg was on fire).

Had an outstanding week of stay-cation with my sisters nieces and nephews (plenty of beach and play time); at best I've been bumped to the recreational B team and have only been paddling / sailing sporadically, no challenges on the horizon. Bye Bye Michigan Challenge and MR 340.

Summerfest is in full swing, have not been there in 12 years so had to go, it was a great time people watching, took the fam, outstanding. It's a wonder our society functions at all, craziness, everywhere.

" Fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son " Dean Wormer (Animal House) - words to live by Summerfest goers.
Fire ban has been taken to the extreme in Lake Mills, no grilling, no smoking in public areas, times are desperate with no rain, we are smack dab in the middle of the 2012 bake. Lake has recessed 5 feet from the shoreline, down at  least a foot.

My Aunt Sue 80 years young (lives with me when not traveling the world) is off to Wyoming to count track monitor wolves in Western Yellowstone for 6 weeks. Get your wolf count on Aunt Suzy, woo hoo.

Emily has moved into her own place with a few friends; very nice older home close to UW Milwaukee, MATC, (hint hint).

Parades festivals, good friends fill the hazy daze of summer... life is good.  More summer to come...

Back to the grind tomorrow -

The Capt'n