Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Go Kruger!

Heads up to paddle over to the Kruger Canoe website for up-dates additions for the up coming Hugh Hewerd and Bushwhacker paddling extravaganzas. Unless you have a doctors excuse, I'd expect everyone to make a real effort to get up get out and get on the river. These are the events that camp stories come from! Come on!! Put paddle to water for a great cause!!

Rivers are running high and fast in Southern Wisconsin. More rain on the way. Events and paddle outings are being cancelled by some pretty experienced paddlers. When Patrick Cannon cancels a paddle, you know something is up.
I saw two groups of paddlers this week/weekend ill prepared for water temps... The only thing you had going for you was luck.
Consider this...
Please do not exceed your comfort level for an hour joy ride in your rec-boat. You need the same ditch gear for an hour paddle as a two day paddle if you are in remote areas. And for the goofs bobbing around in the ice chunks on Lake Mendota in the orange horseshoe life jackets...NOT SMART!!

I'm feeling a bit spunky today- The Capt'n

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