Saturday, April 26, 2008

OC 1 Championships Live

Since 1952 when three intrepid canoe teams battled for nine hours from Moloka'i to Oahu, the outrigger canoe races across Kaiwi have been highlighted by their legendary stories of gritty, heroic drama.

For the first time spectators around the world, and at the finish line on wide-screen TV, will be able to listen and watch live as the action unfolds at this year's Kaiwi Channel Solo OC-1 World Championship Race.Let your friends and family know that they can come down to The Shack inHawaii Kai Shopping center where the race will be aired live on widescreen TV from 8:30am till finish.

If you can't join us at The Shack,go to PA'A's website Sunday morning, April 27th, and click on live broadcast link, and you can watch as the race unfolds right in front of you from your home computer.

Be aware that the broadband signal is not super strong at Kaluakoi so the streaming images will be somewhat choppy and may even cut out periodically. But be patient with this new technology. As the raceprogresses towards Oahu the signal strengthens, and for the last thirdof the race the streaming video will be cleaner and crisper.

Please join us for this first time pioneering event as we share the sport of OC1 with paddlers and spectators across the world.

Mahalo, PA'A

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Dawn (aka SandyBottom) said...

I'd love to watch this, but may only catch the finish, it'll be starting 2:30am EST time. Thanks for the info. It'll keep motivating me towards that eventual OC1 stitch and glue kit I found online.