Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Wilson

Up in the Wisconsin Dells for a conference, I took advantage of this pre-season opportunity to paddle this wonderful area. Nobody out on the water, which is unheard of come Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day.

I paddled Lake Delton and numerous feeder rivers and creeks. On my journey I came upon my own "Wilson". If you saw Tom Hanks in Castaway you'll understand. So this little rubber ball with a face is my new paddling partner.

Great sandstone out-cropping make this area a very scenic area to paddle. There were a few fisherman taking advantage of the good weather. Huge Carp (fish) could be seen along the shore. These guys were fishing for Blue Gil... Nothing on their stringer, but they didn't seem to care. It was close to 80 degrees down on the water, just beautiful out.

I thought this was worth a mention. Instead of cutting down this dead tree, somebody carved this very cool eagle. Must have taken awhile really looked good. The wood is yellow as it looks like they hit it with some spar varnish or lacquer.

It's all about the shoreline on this paddle. With every turn a new rock formation.

Simply put - amazing - The Capt'n

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Kristen said...

How terrific to be able to mix business with pleasure!