Thursday, April 3, 2008

Decisions, decisions

Any question what to do?
In a conundrum of sorts, the expedition / challenge paddling community is thrown another bone, the This event as others that are popping up are unique in nature, but have a common thread. The commitment. It takes months of preparation to pull off a successful, enjoyable experience.


It's no wonder that KiwiBird and SandyBottom are already in the planning stages. Decisions need to be made. The rules, boat limitations, and equipment.


Kiwi has posted this on her blog. - Down the Yukon with a paddle -


But which one? The paddle debate will probably never be fully resolved. And it’s something that Dawn and I are certainly having to mull over regarding the 2009 Yukon 1000.

We’re both committed Greenland paddlers, and both use a
Lumpy Paddle. But will using a GP – even potentially a carbon fiber GP – make us competitive enough? Should we, therefore, be retraining ourselves to use a wing paddle? The probability is that anyone else entered in the kayak class, either K1 or K2, will be using wings.

Does using a GP not make paddlers competitive enough? I’d be loathe to think so. I finished first in my class in this year’s Everglades Challenge using a GP - and knocked 22 hours off my time from last year - and was the only kayaker solely paddling with a GP.

We have both resolved that we will not be leaving our GPs at home. Whatever paddle we end up using will definitely be supplemented by the GP, to help ease any possible physical strain.

Thoughts would be appreciated -
Lots of paddlers chimming in on Kiwi's blog... head over and take a look.
I'm a single blade man myself - The Capt'n


Dawn (aka SandyBottom) said...

Thank you Brian, that was very helpful :)

Kristen said...

Yeah. Good thing I had Floatsome who's a whizz on photo doctoring "patch" that photo, which, incidentally, DancesWithSandyBottom took.

Capt'n "O" Dark 30 & Super Boo said...

though i do have an appreciation for the beverage in your good hand!!