Monday, April 21, 2008

NyQuil induced coma

Finally feeling somewhat better, I was able to switch from the 10% alcohol content in NyQuil, to something more palatable. What is important to note about this picture, is the water is crystal clear and the perfect temperature for keeping your favorite beverage cool..

Saturday found me on a very short, but needed paddle around Rock Lake. Having been in the prone position for almost a week (coughing up lung butter, fever and the sweats). It is apparent, that anything that I had in reserve from the Everglades Challenge, has departed.

My sister Jenny wanted to paddle today so I headed East, only to get the call in transit, she's opting for yard work. "Priorities Girl!!"

Running the 1/3 spray skirt keeps the boat dry as it catches the paddle drip on the switch. This is the new pier off of Sugar Island Road on Lower Lake Nemahbin, a favorite put in for yakers and canoeists. Parking is limited, but not early in the early a.m..

A very flooded Bark river runs through this drainage lake. The reed grass and good flow keep this lake a jewel in the heart of lake country. Runs very clear. Great place for an early season paddle but gets very busy during the summer with all the cottages and lake homes.

Shot of the cotton tails and grasses that keep the lake clear. Also notice the plastic Owl a Wisconsin favorite. Supposed to keep the gulls off the pier. works for about ten minutes. Usually you end up bumping into it and get gull crap on you.

Bunch of yaks just itching to get out on the water. Yet they lay dormant. Left from last year, it looks like these yaks didn't get put away before the snow fell.

Notice: To the woman I saw paddling off of Bartel's Beach on Sunday. You left your paddle on the beach. I have it. :-) This is a picture of the sticker on your car. Can you explain it to me. (i.e. NyQuil induced coma). I thought it said canoeist, maybe co-exist... still don't know, but thought it was cool.

Enjoying the remains of the day, with the great sunset pending. A picnic dinner and a couple of cold brews. Mid 70's, windless conditions, doesn't get much better then this.

A Sunday afternoon with conditions like this can only be found early in the season. On any other Sunday, this would just be a backdrop for jet-skiers, speed boats and pontoon boats.

Keep'n it simple - The Capt'n

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Kristen said...

Some serious kayaking being done here, Brian - keep it up!

And funny how the eye plays tricks on you - at first glance I thought the bumper sticker said "canoeist" as well.