Sunday, June 3, 2007

Portage Fun and then some

A great little portage aid coming up the Oconomowoc River on to Lac La Belle. The Oconomwoc River slows dramatically in the summer months. Lots of weeds and rock bars between Oconomowoc and Concord. Unless we get heaps more rain, this section will be less then fun until next spring.

Another great little bridge on the Oconomowoc River. Hopefully we will be able to paddle this section with the MadCity Paddlers next weekend. A great section of the river for a social paddle.

A bit of a boat pull up river through the riffs. I probably could have paddled it if I had brought a rock paddle. All I had were a couple of nice carbon paddles with me. No biggie, the water has warmed nicely this past week.

Nothing like taking your Sea Wind for a walk - The Capt'n

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