Monday, June 11, 2007

It's all about timing

After a week of horrific weather, bad thunderstorms and tornadoes, our 3-day paddle with the MadCity Paddlers saw nothing but blue skies and warm waters. Perfect camping conditions. We timed this paddle perfectly.

Friday was a wonderful evening paddle down the Rock River to dinner. We had 12 paddlers show for day one and followed up the dinner paddle with a few cocktails by a roaring fire. No sing a longs, but some tribal drumming and roasting marsh mellows capped the nights affair.

Saturday was an outstanding day. A paddle and portage up a chain of lakes in and near Oconomowoc. We hit a couple of restaurants along the way and had a few cocktails. Stopping at the Kiltie Drive-in and having frozen custard was a hit as well. Saturday evening found us at a great Mexican restaurant and back in front of the fire before turning in for the night.

Still hitting it hard with the up-coming Missouri 340. I did get up early before the group got moving and got in two hours paddle with some intervals thown in for good measure. There is a great stretch of the Rock River right where we camped. The air was still and there was a light blanket of mist over the water. Outstanding morning.

Sunday was another beautiful day of paddling. We paddled a remote area of the Bark River and ended up in the community of Fort Atkinson. The 14- mile section in between Hebron and Fort Atkinson offers up a remote feel as in meanders through the county side. There are only a couple of houses that can be seen from the river an added bonus for a some what populated community.

We finished our weekend with a tour at the Rock River Canoe Company. There are a 8 different canoes and small dory’s being built at any given time.

Kim the proprietor is a master boat builder and offers support and guidance as your build your own watercraft. The tour was outstanding, as there were four builders on site sharing their experience of building their own watercraft. Tempting for me, but I am not allowed to touch power tools.

Thank you MadCity Paddlers for joining me on this paddling weekend – The Capt’n

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