Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cover of the Rolling Stone

There is a great read in the Small Craft Advisor on the Everglades Challenge. What is really cool is that Team RAF ( 4 adventure crazed college students on Spring Break ) made the cover of the magazine.

I sponsored Team RAF by donating some sails for their Wa'apa sailing canoes assisting in fulfilling their the quest to compete in the event.

The 00 is the yacht club affiliation insignia from the Lac La Belle Yacht Club from which I hailed from in my youth. The 00 still follows me as I prepare for the MR340 in Kruger Cruiser 00-17. It is very cool for me to see the 00 on the cover.

Check out the Team RAF blog. It's the continuing saga and triumph of 4 boys (young men) doing what it takes to get to the finish of one of the toughest small boat races in the world. From rummaging in dumpsters to their homeless existence, It is what true sailing lore is made of.

The days of iron-men and wooden ships... arrr matie - The Capt'n

Marissa (Boo) and I are off for more adventure, participating in the Callie Rohr Canoe Race this weekend... We're packing up and heading out early tomorrow morning. This dad is all smiles.

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Michael said...

Oh Captain my Captain,
I doubt you have ever been so happy to see that 00-0 sail; I sure haven't.