Thursday, June 7, 2007


Ah a wonderful thing just happened

TABA has just started a blog. This is a very cool and very exciting for those of us that follow the progress of individuals attempting great feat by small watercraft.

I don’t want too give to much away about TABA (real name Dexter), but he is a real part of how and why I am into the WaterTribe scene.

“I'm getting ready for the next UFC and have decided to create a blog detailing my progress along the way. I've followed some of the Challengers in the Tribe who write blogs and have found them fun, interesting, and educational. Mine may not be any of those things. With the new ease of blogging (I discovered how easy last night while checking SandyBottom's blog) I'm giving it a try. This is all new to me and my blog won't be up to the standards of most other bloggers but it will show my progress in areas like the portage, my "tent", rudder controls, and my sailing trials coming up this summer.
I invite anyone to check it out. It may be days (even a week) between any postings but I will try to keep the site current with progress and photos. Happy paddling to all and great days ahead to those about to race” -TABA.

So please sit back and follow along as TABA sets his sights on the Ultimate Florida Challenge 2008, a 1200 mile journey around the great state of Florida.

I am off for a paddle - The Capt'n

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