Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Meandering the driftless zone

Photo Credit - Sandy Krueger

As summer wines down and autumn approaches, we get one last push from shore before the kids go back to school; this was a leisurely 4 day trip down the Wisconsin river.

The usual players, names and faces change to some degree, we had eleven in our group, all are good friends.  For me another opportunity to be out on the water with my girls; this is good for me; good for them as well to share these times.  Emily my oldest had not been out on a trip in quite awhile, it was awesome she could make it with her work schedule. Marissa was able to bring a friend which was really nice.

Record setting pace was set, no not paddling but eating Smores; we had a multiple launch of sky lanterns which was way cool nightly; good stories and good music and the food, well with 6 coolers lets just say we didn't suffer.

The weather produced by Issac gave us perfect conditions.  Easterly wind when we needed it and a light breeze now and then on the nose for a cooling effect;  Temps soared and the cool river water refreshing,  plenty of swim breaks.

We stopped to see the only known cactus I know to be growing wild in Wisconsin; we made our way to a little ice cream shop to sooth the inner child; we even stopped to walk through a sacred area where recently there were effigy mounds discovered. 

We even had some excitement as Marko and Joyce dumped their canoe, recovered most everything except their chairs; Emily S. dumped the QCC 500 after squaring up soundly with a submerged log; now that's entertainment.

It's unfortunate that a trip this perfect ended on such a sour note.  Upon our return to the Boscabel Landing where we shuttled vehicles, one of the cars had its tire slashed.  Brian D. and Judy ended up having their vehicle hauled to the small town of Fenimore as they wait for tires to be shipped and changed out.  Tires hotel  expenses and missed work by both, not the way we wanted them to end the trip. 

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