Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Emotional stir - part 3

This is our last full day on Shell Key, we are heading back to Pass a Grille to meet up with family tomorrow.

Marissa returns from her walk with only the best of shells; she has scored some perfect sand dollars as well; she is pleased for the sea has provided exceeding her expectations.

I welcome Marissa back to camp with trite gestures; ( the fist bump, high five, give me some skin etc etc) but she's not buying it; she knows it is the last day; so I resort to my "what up butter cup?" expression, met with the enthusiasm of a dentist's chair.

But this is a great day; we have a blast, we play the day away, boogie boards hacky-sac and paddling, the trifecta of yummy goodness.

Night falls, we make our move to the far end of the beach to watch the sunset; Marissa playing with the settings on the camera a tutorial for dad as she works the touch screen like a pianist works a grand piano.

We stroll back, make dinner and enjoy our last campfire; we sit for quite awhile silent; Marissa breaks the silence and offers appreciation for the opportunity to spend spring break out here; I listen while in the afterglow of contentment.

Now being the last night, I wait ever so quietly for Marissa to zip up into her tent; Now I do the same but I am not in my tent; I waiting for her to settle... I sneak up to the side of her tent and start scratching the side.  Marissa freaks, screeches  like a gull missing the last bit of bait!  I can't hold back the laughter, Marissa gives me a verbal how bout what for and sends me packing.  Ah, it's the little things I think to myself.

to be continued...

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