Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Emotional stir - part 3

The sun rises from the east and sets in the west; just like every other place I know on this great big blue planet; it's natures clock, a time piece to alert all comers that it is time to get moving an start the day.  I've been part of this phenomena for days now, my internal clock has been reset.

I make way to the galley to prepare coffee and I see we have had a late night visitor for the fig newtons "again"; but there are no fig newtons, as we polished them off yesterday; our visitor did not take disappointment lightly expressing his displeasure by scattering everything a bout camp.  Nothing lost to his fury; we had most everything broken down in to secure containers.

Clean up was simple, toss everything back in the food bag; pull a couple of nasty sand spurs from my toes and settle in to the mornings activities.

Birds darting to and fro; dive bombing pelicans; dolphins working the channel tide to their benefit; Marissa preparing to comb the beach, a quick "good morning", grabs some dry cereal and she is off.

I am left to my thoughts; I get the keen idea that I should go for a run down the beach, change it up a bit; nature stops as to look at me as if they could read my mind.  I have bad knees, multiple surgeries; I shrug off these negative thoughts and well sort of jump to my feet.

Our resident one legged half seagull half squirrel, ugliest bird Marissa and I have ever seen telepathically tells me that this is not a good idea.   Sea Squirrel is right, I make it about 100 yards, OK, feet and stop. This is no good, I limp it back to camp and prepare for the day.

to be continued...

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