Thursday, April 19, 2012

Emotional Stir - part 2

Struck with a lightening bolt, I realize I am on vacation; why don't I have a cocktail in my hand? Cocktails and dreams, what a concept. I ponder that it is only 10:58am, then some quick math with the time zone and relize it is almost noon here in Florida; hurry for I do not want to miss the pre-noon beverage rush.

I am in awe; PBR tall boys on ice; a smile comes to my face as I anticipate the sweet nectar of Milwaukee's own. I am sure Oconomowoc WI where I grew up was a test market for this grand ole beverage.

Served by a damsel in a dress, I contemplate to impress. (I've been called out on occasion as a player, a flirt, I wont mention any names hum hum.. Beverly, Bonnie) "Maybe I'll shot gun this beer? - Hell, I'm parched I can do it." Travel pen in pocket, check.... ooh drapped in black socks... abort abort walk away with what dignity you have left; back to the bench fool.

As I turn I see the line for cocktails grow after the first snowbird makes a move; jesters, smiles and what ups are exchanged; we have found paradise.

to be continued...

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sandy said...

Flirt?? You?? ;)