Friday, April 20, 2012

Emotional Stir - part 2

Boo emerges energized, all lathered up in sunscreen with one thing on her mind... catching some rays and getting tan; a quick run to the hoopty jeep for chairs and necessities and we are officially at the beach; ain't life grand.

We pull together 2 pretty full days and a night here in Pass a Grille before leaving to our island paradise . Topped off with grouper a few cocktails and generous helpings of Key lime pie, we've melded into the locale. Our conversations and discussions are well above a traditional 15 year old's capacity; the art of active listening is activated. Mind and body attuned we father and daughter are connected. Then out of nowhere, "I think I'd like being a pirate". Check please.

So we find ourselves doing a late afternoon launch from Fort Desoto boat ramp, Easter Sunday. Boo's efficiency astounds as we "overload" the cruiser and are off in minutes. We paddle out into a setting sun, light breeze on the nose making the paddle extremely comfortable after a long day at the beach.

We are dwarfed by multiple local rescue boats, lights a blaze, full speed a head; in the distance we see the Coast Guard responding as well; either their filming an action movie or we got a full blown rescue going on.

We make our way to the Shell Key, find our slice of dream real estate and set camp. We look towards the Coast Guard helicopter circling, pondering the possibilities; We grab a couple of chairs and watch from afar; we never do find out what actually happened, but later in the evening well after dark we see what appears to be a jetski in tow. One can only assume that the jetski ran out of fuel, was being swept into the gulf by the tide and the rider attempted to swim for shore; pure speculation on our part.

to be continued...

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