Thursday, April 19, 2012

Emotional Stir - part 2

My mind starts to clear of the fantasy (****) fest with Mary Jo; Boo calls first shower, I drop off my bag to the room and make my way down to the beach and grab some bench. This could be an hour or two of beach meditation as a teenage girl left to her own, with a bathroom, with 6 towels could be awhile; I've been set free.

I am not sure what is going on, I am a mess, an emotional shipwreck. I'm feeling light headed; Did I get into some bad sushi? Could it be the constant presence of my mom passing 6 years ago this month and the emotional stir of Pass a Grille? No, it is my subconscious telling me I still have black socks on. "Lose the socks moron".

I settle in, I settle down; I melt into the sound of the waves and the unspoken chatter of the beach; Kite surfer darts to and fro; the ooh and ahhs like fireworks on the Forth of July. Wind masks a hot sun; I make a break for the sunscreen conveniently stashed in a cargo pocket.

I reflect deeply on Marissa and Emily being the 4th generation of our family to visit this area; I am disheartened that Emily could not make it down with us. This is the second spring-break in a row she has missed as her school and now her work takes precedence. My thoughts dissipate as I see a severely handicapped man scooter on up to the edge viewing area. I take pause, mind darts to work left incomplete on my desk; I shake it off and get my head wrapped around the beach and the present.

This doesn't last long as it appears the man in the scooter needs some assistance, my worries are fleeting as a young gentleman assists with out hesitation; there is hope for the future a new generation of care giver emerges.

The beach in all its glory has away of soothing the lonely; I scan the area and see many elderly people sitting quietly, alone. Is this my destiny? I ponder my options as I readjust the black socks crammed in my pocket.

to be continued...

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