Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Update 7/15/08 8:30 PM - Brian is officially out of the MR340. He made it to CP2 last night, but had to be packed in ice as he was suffering from heat exhaustion. A wonderful crew of people made sure his temperature was dropping and that he was feeling better throughout the evening. After logging over 12 hours of paddling in the grueling heat and sun, we all think Brian made the right choice by putting his safety first. Way to go Brian!

But, the adventure is far from over for Brian and the rest of the MR340 racers and crews. A support team from Texas has graciously added Brian to their caravan, and he will be following the race with them. They will travel from CP to CP, logging the race events and taking pictures for this blog. So continue to check back, as the MR340 adventure is far from over!
Here are two racers (a.k.a. Black Coffee) who are paddling with their bikes in preparation for a 300 mile portage back to Kansas. Yikes!

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