Thursday, July 17, 2008

Teams Making Headway

Wednesday proved to be another tough day for the MR340 racers. Strong headwinds and whitecaps added to the immense heat and sun, truly testing each racers grit and determination. Here are some pictures of the events happening at Franklin Island and Coopers Landing Wednesday.

Cooper's Landing

Cajun Blues at Cooper's Landing

Team Texas Tail Wind

Toby at Cooper's Landing

Team Texas Tail Wind - Phil and John

Bill in his Sea Wind

Marek at Franklin Island

River John

River John at Franklin Island

Sunset Wednesday night

Upon arriving in at Cooper's Landing, some teams have decided to push on through the night while others are taking some much needed time to rest. Everyone is hoping for a reprieve from the sun and heat for Thursday!

Update 10:13 AM: Sounds like the day has started off well. There is lots of fun and energy in the air, and the racers spirits are high. Must have been that Cajun band at Cooper's Landing! Here are a few more pictures that have come in.

River John masters the double blade!

Black Coffee and Doughnuts, stretching their legs after many many hours in their boats. After Black Coffee and Doughnuts finish the MR 340 ( in their home-made wooden kayaks!)they are planning on riding their bikes (which they have stowed inside their boats the entire race) the 300+ miles back to Kansas! Quite the adventure!

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