Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The MR 340 is Underway!

Brian is at the starting line under sunnies skies, ready to shove off to start his next adventure!

There are six Seawinds competing in the MR340 this year

Good luck to all the racers!! Check this blog for daily updates of the adventures of Brian and the MR340!

Update 10:03 AM: Brian has passed the Kansas City River Side Park at just 2 hours into the race. He is cruising at 7.3 mph and feeling great! The heat is starting to bare down though, and surely he's in for a long, hot day. Time to hydrate, then hydrate some more!

Update 3:10 PM: After paddling for 7 hours and 9 minutes, Brian has cleared Check Point 1 in Lexington! He is back on the water had headed to Waverly Park (CP 2). It is extremely hot on the water and Brian reports he is feeling OK. He's hanging in there and making a steady pace towards CP 2. Wish him luck (and a cool breeze!)