Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We got issues

DNR File Photo

A disaster in the making, waters continue to rise as the dam let go up in Beaver Dam Wisconsin. That pushes a heap of the liquid gu our way... blah.

Our county has been maintaining their E.O.C. (emergency operation center) since Wednesday. Water treatment facilities in the area are starting to fail. We are on restricted water use with the potential for more rain on Friday.

On a brighter note, I have been a paddling madman the last week, taking advantage of the no wake zones on our local lakes. Quite a few kayaker's and canoeist ended up on Rock Lake this past weekend as it was still open. Lac La Belle and Fowler Lakes were closed all together.

Pewaukee Lake and the village of Pewaukee saw breaking waves take out windows on Main street that pounded the store fronts. The village ended up dropping in snow plow blades to act as a breakwater. Dodging storm cells and hail late Saturday afternoon made for some excitement too.

The crazy weather has driven the white pelicans that normally are down on Kosh. Lake up to Rock Lake where I spend most of my early morning paddle time. Amazing site, seeing these beautiful birds take flight over head. I used a file photo as the one that I was able to get on Rock Lake didn't show much.

Trouble in paradise my friend, trouble indeed. -The Capt'n

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Dawn (aka SandyBottom) said...

I've been following all the weather reports, quite unbelievable, and yes, trouble indeed. Glad to hear your able to get on the waters paddling for MR340 training.