Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Let there be light

There are some rule changes for the MR340 this go-around. One is the mandatory life jacket rule at all times, the other is a complete set of navigation lights on your canoe or yak.
I assume this is in response of last year's Huki outrigger debacle when Ann and Wayne where tagged by a barge in the early morning fog. Under a barge is not a good place to be. :-/
Clunky bulb light system
I ended up getting these nifty nav. lights that will have over a hundred hour burn before changing out batteries. (I need to stop playing with them before the race). So the configuration is green on the right side of the bow and red on the port side of the bow - then a white stern light. I also have rigged a spotting bow light for buoys and the reflective day markers (shows the deep water channel on the river)

Mini high tech LED light system
All high tech LED. No wires, battery packs or switches that will fail. Very bright, you can see them up to a mile away, so says the packaging and labelling.
A smile will brighten your day too- The Capt'n

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John said...

Hey there,
This looks like a cool system, and one I need for the same race. Did you buy these somewhere, or make them yourself?