Monday, June 9, 2008

Tornado alley

A break in the weather. A 2 hour window of opportunity.

Unsettling weather has brought tornado's flooding and dangerous conditions on many of our rivers. Evacuations road closures and standing water in 9 counties with 4 inches of rain yesterday and 29 counties in a state of emergency...Welcome to Wisconsin. We haven't seen this many tornado's since 1998.

After dropping Boo off at her mom's, I managed to dodge the severe weather and check river conditions for next weekend's paddle trip. I needed current information for the boy scout / girls soccer paddle planning meeting.

Presently the Rock Crawfish and Bark Rivers are out of the question for a group of 11 to 14 year olds. It looks like we will need to shuttle the group to a safer location. More rain is expected later in the week, blah.

In Columbus just north of us, the Crawfish river is raging. The city of Columbus has moved heavy equipment on to bridges to keep the water from washing them off their foundations. Thirteen dams are in jeopardy of collapse. Emergency management is earning their pay this week for sure.

I ventured to the Oconomowoc River and did the section between Fowler Lake and Oconomowoc Lake. It looks to be our only safe option at this point if conditions don't improve.

Yikes - The Capt'n

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