Sunday, June 8, 2008

Indecision 2008

Nothing to do with politics - thank goodness... but with nothing but the beer light to guide me decisions need to be made.

It would appear at first glance that Boo is out for 8 weeks due to her broken ankle/leg. Though kids heal very fast and she has this very determined look on her face to be back on the water by June 23 for the Hardcore Adventure Camp. A decision is needed. The dilemma is that a couple of her friends have signed on for the adventure and with out Boo (potentially not going) it has thrown a cracked bent shaft paddle into the mix.

We are back in the Doc's office in 7 days, so we'll hear what he has to say.


Well I ended up submitting an e-mail for the last (150th) spot in the MR340. I sent a request in as instructed. Solo male - Sea Wind - #0017. There is just so much energy around this event I was drawn to it. Handful of the Watertribe are going in Sea Winds.

The decision might have been made by my semi-induced coma of Tyranena Beer. As we know deep with in the beer lies the legend and half baked decisions. So waiting to hear back from Scott race director to see if I got in before bar time.

Paddle / Sailing Rendezvous

High winds choppy conditions brought some excitement to Lake Mendota for the Paddle / Sailing Rendezvous yesterday. Storms blew in late afternoon, tornado warnings and storming conditions prevailed over the afternoon festivities. But...

Boo and I went early morning and watched the participants set up all sorts of sailing / paddling configurations. Breeze and chop building... Two recreational paddlers a man and a woman who flipped their canoe about 200 yards out from shore.

Further investigation would indicate, no skill set on self rescue, no life jackets and two very cold paddlers in the water clinging to their craft. John and I paddled out, grabbed their Coleman (turd) canoe while a powerboat pulled the couple from the water. No words were exchanged as they had their stupid caps on pretty snug.

All's well in Stupidville - The Capt'n

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