Saturday, December 29, 2007

Wintery Wisconsin Wonderland

The goal is to un-bury the boat house door to get a boat out for the New Years Day Paddle with the MadCityPadders. Our weatherman can't tell the difference between a light dusting and a large dumping of snow. 3" to 5"? How about a solid 7" out our door.

Scout is a lead dog for sure. We just ran him down this snow covered dirt road along side the car. He passed us up. We were doing 24 mph. He's a freak!!

Lots of snow. A great morning for a walk in the woods. Now I remember why I moved back from Hawaii to the Mid-West... The beer and brats!!! :-)

Been on the fence too long with my adventure trip planning. Time to make some serious decisions on 2008's adventures.

A canopy of snow in the Pines. Not a breath of air... Still and quiet... Outstanding morning!

Enjoy the day! - The Capt'n

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