Saturday, November 3, 2007

Saturday... Just yesterday it was Friday!!

Almost famous. Thought I had Silbs dialed in for a paddle this morning. We are on the same time schedule, we both are up well before 6:00am. It didn't pan out for today, but when the water gets thick inland, the slush free paddling on Lake Michigan beckons.

Dropped in the old meat thermometer to check the water temperature. Water in the 50's, but feels like 40's in the wind.

We got blue sky and the remainder of the fall colors. Leaves in the trees have gone from bright inviting colors to the dark shades of Autumn.
I made a bit of commotion out on the lake as I paddled by a couple of disgruntled duck hunters.
I am all for sharing the resources so I usually stay out of the way. Respect the hunting areas. Meaning I stay out of the pristine beauty of the goose pond.
These goofs were out on the main lake 100 ft. from the Drumlin trail, meaning right in my water trail. They didn't say anything but you could feel their glare. I met up with them on the other side of the lake as they were pulling their skiff out of the water. They looked cold and miserable. Perfect.

Sun was extremely warm on the windward side of the lake. Sporting a little sun and wind burn. Love it!

The tree in the background was rich in color. The picture doesn't do it justice, but worth a try anyway. You get the gist, great morning out on the water.

I paddled the Azul this morning. A very responsive craft. All warm and tucked in with the skirt on. Still shore hugging it as I was mostly alone. You got to know your limitations. ( no dry or wet suit on) I was single blading it as usual. The water is crystal clear. It's fun to look down as if looking through a glass bottom boat.

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Silbs said...

Sorry we couldn't make it happen yesterday. You know, we launch by 9am every morning off south shore. If you let me know, I can get you reservations for a piece of lake :) I still need to get out to Nemahbin before it all freezes over.