Monday, November 12, 2007

Crowbars and the power of the paddle

Looking for a medium sized crowbar to get my 15 year old up and moving. Dynamite would ruin the couch, chain and rope would damage the woodwork. Ideas welcome...

The gallery sleeps while Boo is hard at designing her pledge sheet poster board. Up early and working on it late. She really came up with a nice promotional piece.

The finished product will be displayed at the Little Gym in Delafield WI. Boo's aunt owns the gym and welcomed the opportunity to help out and get pledges.

We purchased our tickets to Florida and are working through gear lists.
Boo has to stop growing for the next 4 months. Everything she normally wears for paddling is getting too small. What is it with kids and growing? We stopped by a local outfitters in Oconomowoc, Madison and Brookfield to see if they had any close-outs... deals etc... Boo has a taste for the high end gear. Wonder where she gets that from?
I'll let Boo tell the story of our weekend adventures and paddle. Check out her blog for the goal, the mission and The tall tales of an 11 year old.
Don't forget about the crowbar - The Capt'n


Michael said...

There's nothing like a boy to get a girl motivated, good luck with that one...

DancesWithSandyBottom said...

Well there's your problem: Happiness is a warm puppy.

Silbs said...

Removing a 15 year old from a couch is like taking someone off life not attempt this at home. Take two aspirins and call me in 5 years if she hasn't moved :)