Friday, November 9, 2007

We're off

Looks like a good weekend for paddling. Boo and I are heading to Oconomowoc WI, the Newport of the Midwest for some paddling.

The spectacular mansions and cultural sites they built earned Oconomowoc the nickname 'Newport of the Midwest.'

So much to do, yet so comfortable to do nothing. It's all here in the Oconomowoc area. Having grown up in Oconomowoc, Boo hits me for all the childhood stories I can remember.

Oconomowoc has numerous paddle friendly lakes and rivers to choose from. I enjoy lake paddling as it offers sensible amounts of safety when paddling with kids in the late fall and winter months.

Most lakes have houses stuffed in on every square inch, so you can always get to someone pretty quickly if something were to happen where you would need outside assistance. The second is you can hug the shoreline… paddle in 3 feet of water walk to safe if needed.

Then there are the stiff cold breezes out of the North… Lakes offer calm paddling conditions for kids as you hug the windward shoreline, making for a very enjoyable experience for all year round.

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