Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pink Ribbon Clouds

As we settle into the late fall and wait in anticipation for the holiday season, there is still a lot of outrageous paddling to be had.

The pictures barely do the sky justice.

Met up with a guy this past summer that was renting on the lake with his family. It was fun to find out that he was a follower of my blog. Christy being from the area and up visiting from Texas was up early as well with camera in hand. We couldn't believe the colors, it
made my whole day.

Christy hung around the beach as I put in a quick lap around the lake. Enhancing our visit he had run home and made up some coffee and had returned to share stories.

I meet some of the most interesting people while on the water. Christy, send some of your pics!!

I am in awe of what is - The Capt'n

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