Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Status report

Fall has definitely arrived and I am loving it. Yesterday's "O" Dark 30 Paddle was warm and balmy. I did get sprinkled on, but it was well worth it. The temperature has dropped by 20 + degrees today. It's sweater weather for sure.

Still had the Bell Yellowstone on the car from the weekend's Turtle creek paddle. Skirted the shore chasing the waterfowl foraging for food on the bank.

Glassy conditions an added bonus. Full moon veiled by cloud cover. Tonight is the full moon paddle with the MadCity Paddler's on Cherokee Marsh. Temps have plummeted but the sky's have cleared. The moon was outstanding on my morning plod.

Status Report:

Blah... Searching for the silver lining, I have increased my workouts and my plods are getting faster and longer. But, I actually gained some weight back. How could this be? Maybe the barley pop, wine, chips and ribs had something to do with it?

Go figure... - The Capt'n

1 comment:

Kristen said...

Don't worry! Muscle weighs more than fat.