Monday, September 24, 2007

Prairie Paddlers Shine

Turtle Creek at the put-in

Great all around weekend end for paddling and knocking about the local paddle shop.

Saturday found Laura and I hanging around the Paddlin Shop with John, Carl and Chris. We killed the better part of the morning there. We ended up at this quaint little bistro enjoying a great lunch and sharing a bottle of wine.

Checked the MadCity Paddler's website for any last minute changes or additions to the schedule. My plan was to paddle on the Wisconsin and meet up with a group from the club coming down on an overnighter on Sunday. But a last minute post on the message board had a hand full of club members heading south to the Wisconsin Illinois border to paddle Turtle Creek with the Prairie Paddles out of Northern Illinois.

Here is a video post by canoebuildermark on U-Tube in the mild winter of 2006.

Our paddle down Turtle Creek had a much warmer feel. But it will give you an idea of what Turtle Creek has to offer.

Vern had a saw, so we cleared out some dead fall. Quite a few snags along the way. You needed to be alert and pay attention, especially around the bridge pilings.

The water was running clear and warm during our paddle yesterday. It was in the low 80's, sun burning bright. Perfect for our lunch stop.

Great daze... I have to be where on Monday? Work? What? The Capt'n

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