Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sailing canoe kayak frenzy

We held the 1st annual sailing canoe -kayak rendezvous on Lake Mendota this past June. Winds were light, but the energy around the event was high.

The point of this posting, is there are so many paddle sailors out there that have their own personal story and adventure unfolding every time they hit the water.

Here is an outrigger -tri sailing canoe. Reminds me of the outstanding effort Team RAF put together for the Everglades Challenge 2006. So many different configurations of small craft to view and test paddle sail.

Lake Mendota is an awesome lake located in the state's capitol of Madison. Lake Mendota has been the host lake for many sailing world championships, to local series races. It just makes sense that we host the 2nd annual sailing canoe kayak rendezvous here for 2008. Stay tuned for more on this up-coming event.

So why the fascination with these one off designs? There is just something about building your own craft and paddle sailing it.

If you are just tuning in, head over to the Watertribe website as teams and solo adventurers prepare for the Ultimate Florida Challenge, Everglades Challenge and the Ultimate Marathon. There is a lot of good info if the sport of adventure paddle sailing interests you.

Also here is the Mid-west, Kruger Canoes is ramping up a bunch of courses and classes through their canoe college if you want to add to your skill set.


I feel like building something - The Capt'n

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Kristen said...

All you folks need to move to NC. Feel as though we're missing out on something big time.