Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Let's light this rocket

Partner in crime - Oh the stories, the adventure!

13 days and counting

The phone calls have increased, e-mails are flying and our gear is carefully being sorted and packed.

"Old Blue" the Kruger Cruiser we are racing has been"tweaked" and will be outfitted with the 00-17 racing numbers this week.

It's all down river from here. The stars are aligned, it's all coming together. How fun it has been in preparation of the MR340. Thanks Mark!! Thanks Dawn!!

I paddled easy today, coffee on board and enjoyed the morning...

Now is the time to reflect on all the long "FUN" hours of paddling over the past few months It's the mental game, seeing it all unfold, watching it happen, a complete and total immersion.

Let's paddle- The Capt'n

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Scott said...

Glad you're excited. So are we. Looking forward to meeting you. I want to hear more about your adventure camp concept.