Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wisconsin Canoe Racing Association

I had the pleasure (torture) of paddling with the group last night. All prepared to do an easy paddle in the Sea Wind on the Rock River just outside of Johnson Creek. I found myself in the presence of many hardcore marathon canoe paddlers from the Wisconsin Canoe Racing Association for their Wednesday night training session..

I recognized a couple of people and said my hellos. Next thing I knew, I was in some sort of round robin, mini race series. Each race was short lasting around 20 minutes. The premise was to go hard and then some.

We would switch partners after each race allowing the opportunity to paddle with someone different. It was very exhilarating with challenging buoy roundings and a bit of wake riding.

It sure was different then the type of paddling I am used to. When I paddle solo, I pretty much am in tune with my surroundings. The wildlife the sun the wind. In the pro boat my focus was pretty much not to fall out or tip the boat. My goal was met. I enjoyed the opportunity to paddle bow and stern in these very fast canoes.

For more information on the Wisconsin Canoe Racing Association, head on over to their website for a look see.

To canoe is to be moved -Doug E. Bell

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