Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Training and more training secrets

I love it! I have been talking to so many different people on endurance training in preparation for the MR340. I gotta finish... too many people know I am doing it!!

It's crazy, all have their own training and preparation rituals, but they have quite a few things in common worth mentioning.

1. All train no less then 20 hours a week in their given sport.

2. All cross train for over all fitness

3. All lift weights only in the off season

4. All did at least two months of base training in a 50 60 % heart rate in their chosen sport

5. All were into core strength, respiratory management, and stretching.

6. All manage rest days as part of their training.

Then I talked to Mark and he has confirmed my findings and offered "tweak" training specific to endurance expedition paddling. It's pretty cool, as Mark has taken numerous notes on discussions he has had with Verlen over the years, so we definitely have an edge for preparation..

Tons more information on the WaterTribe Website and even more information on Wayferer's website.

I got a good run in this morning... or should I say shuffle (bad knees) in. What a great morning on the trail!

Lets light this rocket- Unknown

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