Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Summer has arrived for the Capt'n

Cranking it up...

Got in a good work out this morning... 2 hours moderate 4.5 pace. It was so nice being out on the water after the holiday hoopla. Long live the “O” Dark Paddle!!

I got my motivational phone call from Mark this morning. We both feel like we are on track for the MR340. How does one prepare for a 340 mile canoe race? Paddle paddle paddle… cry and paddle some more. Nothing else will suffice. you got to spend time with the paddle.

The makings of a logistal nightmare!

More pressing is the HAC adventure on the Wisconsin River. I really need to get some call backs from parents and get a more accurate head count. It looks like 34 kids and adults on the river. Why do I torture myself like this…

No free weekends no free lunches -

June 1st and 2nd - 90 miler on the Wisconsin River - tentative solo
June 8th 9th 10th - MadCity Paddle with the club - confirmed tandem Emily
June 15th 16th 17th - Callie Rohr Race - confirmed tandem Marissa
June 25th -29th - HAC confirmed paddle the Wisconsin River
June 30th - confirmed paddle sailing rendezvous Lake Mendota - Madison

55 days till the MR340!!

I feel the need to paddle, a lot and then some – The Capt’n

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Silbs said...

Whew...don't forget the Advil :)