Monday, May 28, 2007

"O" Dark 30 Paddle - Marissa

Marissa and I got out on the Rock River this weekend for her longest paddle this year. We got in a brisk 3 hour paddle in perfect paddling conditions.

We paddled the Sawyer Sumersong. We have been paddling the Bell Mystic, but we thought we would try a boat a little shorter and a lot narrower. We really got it moving during some intervals. Marissa's smile tells all.

Now this is my kinda training, Marissa takes a little nap as we head it back to the put in. Tough on a little kid, up before the dawn and paddling into the heat of the day.

All smiles, Marissa awakes from a very short rest. It could have been the paddle drip on her head or my salty pirate songs. Either way she was back in the stoker seat giving it her all.

We are undecided on which boat to paddle in the Callie Rohr. Both have their benefits. I think we'll get back in the Bell Mystic and give it another try. Larger boat more comfortable but harder to trim the boat.

Another treasured moment - The Capt'n


Kristen said...

Nice teamwork, Capt'n. You're the dad.

Silbs said...

Hey, Capt'n. You model fatherhood well. Hats off to you.